review: Putri Apple Shampoo

2:08 AM

 Have you heard about Putri brand? It is a local brand from Indonesia. It comes from the same company as Wardah.I think WARDAH is the make up and skin care line, and PUTRI is the haircare line. The mother company is called PT Pusaka Tradisi Ibu 
I love this because it is crazily affordable, only 13000 or 1,5 dollars for 500ml. nice huh? This shampoo reminds me of Tre Semme professionals shampoo in USA. It offers bulky and great quantity with an affordable price. Personally, I bought this shamppo to clean my brushes.  The formula is rather mild and has a very nice apple smell. I actually like this. So everytime I am done shampooing my brushes, they would smell very nice like apple. Hmm, yummy J. I also try this shampoo on my hair and I ended up dislike it. It dries out my hair.  It is not foamy too.  Anyway, this shampoo does a good job for a brush cleanser.
Rating: 3/5
Rephurchase? YES for brush and comb cleanser

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  1. Pernah denger sih produk putri ini...kayakny di sini jarang nemu... -__-

    1. Nyarinya di toko toko supplier kosmetik, mereka biasanya punya :) lumayan lho, murmer dan banyak hehehehe

  2. pernah dengar dan pernah coba produk dari putri,aku nyobain body scrubnya,enak banget butirannya pas dan isinya padat dan banyak hehehe,ga kayak scrub lain yang encer,trus harganya murce dibanding produk scrub lainnya :)

  3. Wah really? Review dong, mut :). Sejauh ini aku seneng sih sama produknya putri, kamu pernah coba anti frizz serumnya ga?


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