REVIEW: NEUTROGENA Mineral Clearing Compact Powder

10:05 AM

I might say that this powder is my HG (Holy Grail) powder so far. I love love love it very much. Thanks to my friend, Stephanie, who brought me this all the way from USA.  I have been using it ever since, and I havent finish it until now. Conclusion? It is very long lasting. A liitle bit goes along the way and it sets my make up perfectly.

                It is also MINERAL powder. I love mineral J hehehe, if you buy make up products, I suggest you to choose mineral products, mineral is good for your skin, feels lighter, and harmless. Whereas un-mineral and bad products might contain stuff that clog your pores and make you break out badly. This powder also has salycic acid, it is very good for you who has a lot of zits and you don’t want to add more. This powder will help you reduce your acnes. Actually, since I was junior high I have been using powder that has salycic acid in it. If you want a local one, try clean and clear compact powder. It has salycic acid too.

 My shade is natural ivory. It reduces the shine and it has a very cool puff inside. Orange color is for sheer coverage and white color is for stronger coverage. The coverage is certainly buildable. My skin feels smooth and light feel after using this powder. It lasts so long, 6 hours with a little blotting due to hot indonesian wheather.I like this a lot, I will certainly rephurchase it.  Oh Neutrogena *smooches*.
                Rating : 5/5
                Rephurchase: Yes

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  1. Hi do you recommend clean and clear compact for a teenager ?
    I'm only 16 but I'm going to college and I want to buy compact powder that didnt cause me pimples,acne or breakouts . do you think clean and clear compact is perfect for me ?


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