REVIEW : Two Local BB Creams, One Winner

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Aaa, I still have 20 mins before my next appointment J. Let`s put this time into a good use! Since I am in a hurry, I will use English >.< Sorry for those who have difficulty reading in English, bare it with me this time coz I have such limited time. This entry is made upon request, many of the readers ask me so much about which one to buy, Maybelline or Caring. So, i hope this comparison review would help you decide :)

Today I want to compare two infamous BB Cream which are affordable and available in Indonesia. They are Maybelline Clear n Smooth BB Cream and Caring colours BB Cream ( Everlast). I know that some of you are not familiar with BB Cream. I already explained it in my first post about Caring colours BB cream, just search through this blog J.  Hmm, anyway, BB cream is a cream, a lil bit like foundation, good for your skin, and it is called the secret of Korean actresses, since it is widely use in Korean movies.

                Aight, back to my review, I owned these BB creams for quite some time. Maybelline was my first, then three months ago I bought caring colors, and I have been using it ever since. Talking about packaging, I prefer maybelline. It has pointy end so it makes it easier for me to manage the cream when I squeeze it out. Maybelline is smaller, since it is only 18 ml, whereas caring colours is 35g. Eventhough caring colours doesn’t have that pointy end, I love LOVE love the color. For the old one like mine, it is pink, but actually they reinvent their products and renew their packaging. The new one is pale pink and white. They also reduce the quantity of cream (sad L) Well, I certainly love the old one because it is cuter and has more cream inside hehehe.

Above: Maybelline, Below: Caring colours
                Above, there are swatch pictures of these creams. Maybelline has fairer color. It is going to look ghostly, even for me, when we first put this cream on our face. It will oxidise later and matches our skin tone tho. Caring colors has beige color, it sits just right on my skin tone. Caring colours is ahead in terms of consistency. It lasts four – six hours in me. Just like its name, everlast, it does last quite long. Why? It has a good oil control, of course. Maybelline only last two hours, and then my face will be VERY VERY oily I have to blot. They both are minerals BB cream, which are good J. Caring colours has tourmaline to
Caring is buildable. It is so smooth and creamy, I like it. When I am in hurry, I will not put any powder to set it. I end up having cute dewy look J. Most of the time I still put powder because I prefer matte finish. I also have flawless look after using this and a little loose powder. Maybelline is also buildable, but when u build this cream, make sure you blend nicely especially at your fine lines otherwise it is gonna left streak marks and cakey after three hours. Ah ya, I can`t go with only maybelline on my face. People are going to think that I havent shower because my face is too oily hahaha. I love to set maybelline with clear smooth compact powder ( my shade is honey). The coverage is super everytime I combine these two. Very flawless and my face looks totally fresh.
At the end, I think Caring colours deserves to get the trophy J due to its consistency, creamy texture, coverage and flawless finish. 

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  1. I pick fair white caring bb cream, my face is normal to dry.. i love it and it blend on my skin too


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