REVIEW : Famous Maybelline Clear Smooth Compact Powder and Powder Foundation

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I used to be in love with this products, and had been a loyal customer for four years (since senior high) of these compacts. Hehehehe, by then I had influenced my aunts, and my grandma to use the same product as mine hahaha. They still use it till now, but me? No. hehehe, I have been busy trying a new compacts. In my beautiful dressing table, I have got five of these stacking up, one is damage, and four another still has some left.
In choosing my make up, I always prefer it to be either mineral cosmetics, or non comedogenic. These compacts are non comedogenic. It means mostly they will not make you break out and has less tendency to build comedos on your skin. It also has SPF. SPF is great for your skin because it wiil reduce bad effects of UV rays. The compact foundation has greater SPF somehow.  
Application is easy, just like ordinary powder. You can apply it with the sponge, or if you want a lighter application, I suggest you to use powder brush or even kabuki brush. I love to use kabuki on compact foundation to turned it into finely milled powder. The finishing result is great, flawless, natural and it is just like using mineral compact powder foundation

It doesn’t stay too long though, even if I stay inside. You know, my college,UPH is full of air conditioner.Sometimes it gets too cold hahaha. Even in a such environment, these compacts come off and gets oily in about three hours. When I bought it, I was hoping that it would stay longer, since it has SHINE FREE tag, and in their comercial Sherina said she can wear this in eight hours and still looks elegant. Powder foundation stays longer, of course. Maybe around four – 5 hours with a little blotting.

For compact powder, the coverage is sheer for me. Hehehe but for some of my friends, the coverage is medium. Powder foundation is different story though. The coverage is much greater than compact. When I use my kabuki brush to apply this, I can attain a good coverage but light weight hehehe. If I wet the sponge, the coverage will be heavier. Both of the powder eliminates your redness, but if you have dark under eye circle, you will need to wear concelear first. I find that combination of these compacts and concelear bring out good result.

Sadly, Maybelline doesn’t have my skin shade. I used to use light shade, back then when I just got back from Maine. I was still pretty with fair skin ( Maine has super long winter). Then my shade got darker. I changed to Natural shade, but then after I started working aside of school, my shade got darker, I guess. My friend kept saying that my powder didn’t match my skin tone hahaha. Next, I made a hop to Honey Shade, it is not too light, but it is too yellowish. I don’t like it. A blend of Honey and natural also weird on my skin tone. So, it would probably best for me if I start trying new compacts, or working on whitened my skin so I can wear natural/light shade again J
Overall, these are great compacts. Not to mention they are sold in such fair price. I would recommend this for you who has normal or dry skin type. If you have yellow undertone, honey shade would look great on you. For olive undertone, choose sand beige. Neutral undertone would look best on netral shade. Last, if you have a fair skin with pink undertone, choose light.
Rating: 5/5
Rephurchase: Maybe

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