REVIEW: Pixy Blush On in Carnation Bloom

2:01 AM

I had this blush for quite sometime. I used it quite often before I had another blush. It lasts really long,after using it 4 months I still have about 85%left. Awesome huh? So here are my thoughts about this blush on

+ Nice colour, it gives me natural peachy color
+ Very affordable, I forget how much I get this blush on. I think it was about 20000
+ It gives me sheer finish that is great for daily use. My friend Mega loves this blush on very much because it gives her a subtle color without looking  too much
+ It is buildable. Because it is not pigmented, i have to apply this blush on over and over again until I get my desirable result.But then again, this product is affordable and last a long time, so there is no problem on applying generously.

-          It is very chalky and powdery
-          It disappears rather quickly on my combination skin.
-          It is not pigmented

Rephurchase? NO

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  1. kayaknya warnanya itu wearable yah buat dipake sehari2... :D

    1. Uh huh, bener :) dipakek banyak - banyak juga gak takut terlalu ngejreng :) Pernah nyoba blush on nya pixy?


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