FOTD: GOLD temptation

5:02 PM

Here is another look that I created using my Sariayu Limited Edition Pallete. I am trying to create at least 25 looks before I move on and buy another pallete hehehe. Otherwise, I might end up wasting this pallete and cherish the new one :P. 

Me and the beautiful pallete

this is my tutu for ballet, hehehe and i randomly taking a pic with my breakfast, a soya milk wkwkwk

I call this a gold temptation, using gold, black and white color. Creating a super glamor look for party.
Hmm, for the face I am using Caring colors BB cream all over my face, and then Revlon Touch and Glow Loose powder

Hi, Greeting! Welcome to my blog

For the eyes, using the gold eyeshadow, sweep it all over the lid. Then, using the black eyeshadow, create an inner V. Blend and stop at 1/3 of your lid. Next, go to your outer corner, create cat eye, and blend it inwards, and also stop at 1/3 of your lid 

Sorry girls, the eyeshadows application is a lil bit messy :(

Next using a gel liner, here I am using Bobbi Brown, follow the cat eye from your black eyeshadow. Then take out your black eyeshadow once again, blend it in. Next, move on to the lower lash line, line it. Last, put on false eyelashes, and curl your upper and bottom lashes. For lips, I am using wardah nuddish peach and blend it together with Revlon Colorburst

The look is done J

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  1. bibir kamu seksi yaks. :) Warna kuning eyeshadownya berani yaks, aku nggk pede.
    Ternyata sariayu eyeshadownya oke juga, layak dibeli nih .
    Folow me ya di

  2. nice make up :)
    You look pretty hana ^^

  3. Hahaha thank you, han.. Baru kali ini aku denger orang bilang bibirkus sexy :).. Iyaa. baguss semuanya pigmented dan canteekk canteek.. Thank you juga shaa

  4. warna eyeshadownya keren....!!! :) you look great!

  5. Aku berhasil diracuni...huaaa sabtu ini meluncur ke pac studio ah....liat2 aariayu heheheh

  6. Aahhh...... I Love this e/s Palette too.... Its color is so pigmented and bold.
    Btw, i bought Make Up Store product in their counter in Pasific Place, Gandaria City, and Plaza Indonesia...

  7. OMG, I have the same Bobbi Brown brush set as yours!
    Tapi ga pernah ke pake soalnya ga ngerti en niat tadinya mau belajar *impulse buyer*
    Bikin dong tutorial lengkap makeup pake brush yg banyak itu kayak tutorial Miss A look (very inspiring!)

  8. Okeee..iya nie rencananya mau bikin.. ditunggu yaa


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