MISS A "Touch" Inspired Look

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Hi girls J How are you?

Today I come up with a look inspired by new MISS A song – TOUCH. Have you listen to it? If you have, you got to agree with me that the song is EDGY J, the make up is edgy as well.

Now here it comes my version hehe

Put on foundation, here I use Revlon New Complexion Foundation
Face, after foundation :)

After that, contour your face. 

The triangle shape

Nose shading

Triangle sponge to blend

Blended well :)

Contouring is easy, for you who has a round face like mine, you can follow the example above. Contouring can make our face thinner than usual. Take a creamy foundation, it has to be two or three shades darker than your actual skin tone. Here I use PAC creamy foundation number 8. Using a concealer brush, I draw a “triangle” shape like that. The triangle shape is below your cheek bone and a little bit along your jawline. The second contour is for the nose. It is to make my nose appears sharper, just like those Miss A’s member J. It looks fugly at first, but don’t worry, after you blend, everything back to normal hehehe.
Tips, when you blend, don`t drag your sponge, instead dab it unto your face. If you drag, the brownish color will go everywhere, leaving the spot it meant to be and your contouring attempt will utterly fail.

After that, conceal imperfection. As for me, I conceal my big – red zit and the zit scar. I also put a little bit below my eyes to bringten them up. Check your foundation again, make sure it blends real well, and you should see that your skin is flawless. After you are sure, you can put on powder, to set them up.

Conceal time
Blended well

After face powder :)

In this stage, you are supposed to have a great smooth canvas ( read:face) to work with J

Fill your eyebrows, here I am using a brown matte eyeshadow. Now it is time to work on the eyes. This look is easy. First, put a light grey eyeshadow unto your lids and your inner corner.

The shadows

Ligh grey for lid, and inner corner

Outer V with darker grey
with eyes open

Sharper V ( excuse my eyebrow yaa so ugly >.<)

 Then, create depth unto your outer V using a darker grey. Here I smudge it also unto the creases. Taking out your gel eyeliner, here I am using Bobbi Brown Black Ink, recreate your outer V, the lower V should be longer than the upper V, then, make a winged cat eye like this.

Eyeliner shapre

Lower lashline

After that taking the dark grey once more, use it to blend the upper V line. J Now, grab your gel eyeliner, create, another V, to your lower line. And then add the gel eyeliner unto your lid. After you are done, take out beautiful – glittery silver eyeshadow. Here I use glitterati glitter pallete from NYX. Dab it just a little bit under your eyeball J. Now your eyes are done!

The glitter :)

This is the famous  Korean lips. It is very easy to make. Here I use tony moly lip tint. I dab it on the innerside of my lip. After that I blend it out. Then, take out your lip concealer, if you don’t have, you can use a face concealer also. Here I use Maybelline mineral concealer in Sand Beige. Blend the two colors together until you achieve the gradient lip J

Yaaa, The MISS A look is done. Time to camwhoring :p hahaha.

Here is the product i use

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  1. Tanya dong Kak. Kakak pake face powder apa ya yang ngeblend sama conceler? Padat apa tabur? Terus itu buat bibirnya harus pake tint ya? Thankies Kak :D

  2. Hehehe aku pake face powder Revlon yang touch and glow :).. Yang buat bibir bisa pake lipstik biasa kok, cuman memang lebih bagus kalau pake yang lip tint


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