review: REVLON new complexion one step compact make up

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Hi, girls ^^, How are you today? I hope you are all good! Hmm, oya please pray for me because starting monday i will have my mid exam test (yuck!). As you know this semester has been kinda hard for me because some of the classes i take are not interesting. Classes like ergonomy and counseling classes are simply so plain. They drain my curiosity and therefore my study intetion has kinda fade away. But yeah, they are compulsory classes so there are no way to resist it! My fellow uni students, have you feel the same way as me? How do you cope? Please give me some advise here. T___T.

Anyway, girls, before i am going to go for MIA and hit the books, i have a review about revlon new complexion powder that i want to share with you :). I got this back in December last year, i posted it on my December beauty haul. My shade is Tender Peach. 

What is this?

It is powder foundation from revlon, featuring 2 in 1 powder formula that gives a perfectly smooth, eventoned skin that breathes. 

How to use this?

Well, just apply it like any powder foundation. I ussually apply this after moisturizer, and because it tends to be very oily, i dab a little bit of my revlon touch and glow loose powder

My review?
The packaging looks so old school and uninteresting at all. Brown. and that is about it. I bought this because i saw my senior in college who wears this and it looked so nice on her. Give her a nice and bright skin look.So i decided to give it a try. But i ended up disappointed with this product. It is so oily, in just 2 hours in my face. The whole face shines, eww.. After knowing this, i keep this powder for touch up only. It really doesnt stay on hot Surabaya weather. Hmm talking about the powder, it gives a medium coverage, but i do need to use concelear to cover up scars and zits. The powder is mild and smooth on application, the puff is great too. Despite of its oiliness, i am glad that it doesn`t break me out :) Hmmm overall, i think this is a so - so product, probably depends on who use it. I would recommend this for you who has normal to dry skin.

- Available locally
- Affordable , 65000 rupiahs or about $7 price may vary tho
- it doesn`r break me out
- Dull packaging
Rating: 3/5
Rephurchase? NO

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  1. It doesn't oily on my face, but yeah gotta agree with u..the packaging is UGLY!!


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