REVIEW: VIVA queen eye base gel ( eye primer)

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Hi girls, how are you? Hopefully you are doing good. Girls, i have been searching for a good eye primer. Due to my monolid eyes, my eyeshadows tend to crease >.< upon application huhuhu.. So without eyeprimer, there is no way i can achieve a great look. Hmmm, i have heard a lot of rave about Urban Decay Primer Potion, but yet it is utterly expensive and unavailable in my country. Then i find this really cheap make up base from Viva :).  It is so cheap, and let`s see whether i find my holy grail in it or not.

What is this?

This is an eye primer, the company calls it eye base gel. But they are basically the same, i think. It contains vitamin E and chamomile extract to give a cooling effect in your eye area.

How to use?
After you apply foundation and powder, apply this on your eyelid. Wait several minutes until it dries. Then apply your eyeshadow.


Left: without eye shadow base
Right : with eyeshadow base

Well, as you can see there is no difference in terms of pigmentation or anything. It is also slowly dry. I have to wait for quite a long time. Sadly, it mattifies my eyeshadow color, make it blue matte, slightly darker than the original shade. It is also not waterproof, and i still got creases on my client`s make up. Hiksss >.<

What do you think?
The base itself is so affordable, i think around 9000 rupiahs or about 1,2 dollars. The packaging is simple just a white tube, when u squeeze it out, you will find a clear-white gel. When you apply it has cooling effect. Very nice. Hmm, the performance is not great, as i explain above. It doesn`t work as eye primer. Just a waste of money. If you want to mattify your eyeshadow, you can use this base, but that is probably it. Nothing more.

- Cheap
- Available Locally
- It is simply doesn`t work
Rating: 1/5
Repurchase? NO

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  1. coba NYX HD eyeshadow base sis.. hasilnya bagus ^^

  2. Aku pakai Aubeau Eyeshadow Base. Murah juga cuma 30k. Dan itu bener2 bikin warna eyeshadow keluar dan tahan lama. Cobain deh..

  3. ah thankies ya sha n sekar arum :) iyaaa, bagus yang aubeau jauh :)


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