My Xperia Picture Diary: Knitting Fever, Cultural Performance, and more

11:46 AM

Lately in my class, nearly every girls love knitting. My BF, mega started it. Here are her knitting work, she made cellphone pouch, scarf, and even my lecturer loves her work. Hehehe, i really do wish i can do knitting too, but i think it is just not for me. I am going nuts everytime i try to knit because sometimes i pull the strand too hard, or too loose, and it never looks nice. Hehehe how about you girls, do you love knitting? 

I love this pattern the most!

My lecturer, Ms, Helena

Ah, and this is a cultural performance in my campus. In UPH Surabaya we have to take sport and art classes, no matter what major we are currently studying. For me, this is a good idea tho, i can not imagine if in four years time, i only read and learn about serious stuff. This class is a breeze in a hot day. Really entertaining. In this class, we have two make two art show, one is our workmanship like knitting (again!), fashion design, 3d miniature design, sculpture, and even origami work. And second, we have this kind of assignment, a cultural performance or a talent show. And for final exam, we got to do a little research about sport. Heheheheh this year cultural performance`s theme is RamaShinta. Hmm, i wasn`t involved in the process tho, i was only an audience because i have took this class last semester. This cultural performance were held by my fellow classmate who took sport and art classes this year. Here are some snap pics of the cultural performance.

 And last one, is this silly picture of me and my friends. We are kinda stressed out in our sixth semester becuase too many work and the subjects are very demanding. Hehehehe, like last week we had a\to submit a research proposal. Huaa that time was real crazy, we worked together in the library for day to night. Me, mega and amelia even stayed over at school to work on the proposal. When we were burned out we took this pic with my tablet hehehe and doing silly action. We finally made it to submit the proposal on time. I was glad!

That is my story, girls :) How is yours?

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