Lioele Aroma Peeling Gel Review

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I have this bad habit. I got distracted to a new product and forget the old ones. I keep using it until the packaging looks utterly ugly and it is not “in” anymore. Just like this Lioele Soft Aroma Peeling Gel. I have had this since, well, MONTHS. I got this from my Lioele Make Up Class, so probably four months  ago,
I use this regularly, but always forget to write post about it. My bad. Now, it is time to review this baby. You know what?? You gonna love this peeling gel like I do.

 On Monday like this, we ussually very busy, right? Especially for bussiness development people like me, we are going to run around the city a lot. All those disgusting things like pollution, smoke and dust piled up on our face. YUCK! We really need to cast those bad things aside and at case like this, we can really use this baby here.

 Description (from

This product controls dead skin cell and impurities of skin effectively by including natural cellulose which is organic pealing substance. It helps to speed-up the skin turnover cycle to make your skin clean and healthy. It also includes Vitamin A and E to promote skin softness.

Price: 130.000 on official Lioele Store. 
Maybe a little cheaper on online store, but just a little, because i check myself the lioele store and online store price are not very different

Amount: 120 ml

Key Features:
Hyaluronic Acid

and many more
You can see the full description below hehehe..

My Story with Lioele Peeling Gel..

Pink packaging on the table. It caught my eye! When I first saw this gel. This was happened. For real. Though just a usual tube packaging, I find pink color is cute. It has this beautiful flower print and also Lioele logo. I find the packaging quite sturdy, I use this for months, no complain, just as healthy as new. Also, when i got it on my hands, i saw the tube was sealed. So hygienic and i got to know that this peeling i bought is new.

If you know Cure Aqua and how people raved about it, then this product is similar to that. Except that this is cheaper. Hehehehe, I too bought this baby out of curiosity of the Cure Aqua. I still remembered when I had Lioele make up class, I peeled my hand using this gel, and my hands were whiter and cleaner. I thought, “ Wowww, it seems to work!”

Now, after months using this, I can say that I really really love it. It is white gel with medium consistency. Not too runny of too creamy. It is also smooth to touch. When I apply to my face, it turns to white balls. Just see the picture, it seems like my skin and all the dirt got peeled off.

Do you see the dirts come off? Niceeee, lioele!!
Good bye dirts!
 It does not hurt my face at all though. It is very gentle, and when the white balls come out, I have this satisfied feeling because all the dirts are comes off too. Not too mention the smell is very nice, it does make the peeling routine becomes a lot nicer. I find that the gel is total YAY! It is a HIT. Great product and I find it helpful to make my face cleaner and healthier. Definitely repurchase.

Great smell
Cute packaging
It works well on my face
Exfoliating my face without hurts it

Has Methylparaben

All in all, this is my favorite peeling stuff i like so far. Do the job without hurting my face. LOVEEEE...

Cheers and Happy Monday, 

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  1. wahh kyny bagus ya han..
    aku dulu prnh dpt sample ny tp blm prnh coba. ga tau samplenya masi ada ga ._.

  2. Ooh this looks really awesome
    I've never used a peel before, but it seems really fun xD

    1. it is fun when you get the white balls out.. it feels like you really peel off the skin hehehe


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