Citra Night Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Review

12:49 AM

Hi chicas! Do you use hand and body lotion in the night? I ussually do not hehehe but i recently do. I use this Citra Night Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. Well, it started out of curiousity and now, it sticks on me as a habit.

 250 ml

Price :
 around 20.000 rupiahs or $3

It is packed with glycerine, grape seed oil and Mullberry extract

So, this is what i think of it..

+ It smells so good! Whooo, hehehe it is a mixed of floral and fruity i think 
+ The lotion smoothen my skin 
+ Available quite anywhere and affordable
+ Absorbs well into my skin
+ Does not feel sticky or oily
+ Texture is creamy and has well consistency.

- I do not see any whitening effect yet


All for all, i think Citra is quite a good lotion. I like the smell and it smoothen my skin. I am just hoping that if i use more i can see more of brightening effect though. I already use this for two weeks and haven`t seen any. I truly recommend this for you who love to add extra in your night routine. I would say the fruity-floral smell is wonderful to put you to sleep.

Good night ladies 

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  1. wow, penasaran banget sama produk ini, thanks han uda di review, ><


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