Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream Review

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This BB Cream from Lioele is their best seller.
 Very famous, have you heard of it? 
It is Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream!

Description (

Recapture the radiance of your youth with the Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream and get beautifully flawless skin. The yoghurt powder and hyaluronic acid in this Lioele anti-aging cream moisturize your skin. Formulated with tangerine and strawberry extracts, this Lioele skin cream lightens the skin color. The fermented yogurt component in the Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream offers a tight hold, making the cream work deep into your skin. The SPF 30 in this Lioele anti-aging cream protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. As per the brand, this Lioele skin cream also contains PA++, which prevents the appearance of blemishes and freckles. The non-greasy formula of the Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream leaves your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

I have read many good reviews of it and very CURIOUS
But, i am afraid to buy the full size because it is kinda pricey.
It is retailed at 275.000 rupiahs for 50 ml
I decided to buy the sample in jar and have used this for two weeks. 
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream Foun...

Texture and concistency 4/5:
It has creamy texture that blends really well on my skin. 
But somehow, it feels a little bit cakey and heavy upon application
It has only one shade, like light beige

Oil Control 5/5:
Oil control is superb. It does not oxidise until late night and BB Cream certainly stays!

Finish 5/5:
Dewy but you can always matte it out with powder. 

Coverage 5/5:
I will say medium to full! And definitely able to cover redness and big pores.
If you have big acnes, you need to cover more with concealer though


Spread Out

Blend Well
I like how it "absorbs" on my skin, and brightens right away

Conclusion 4.5/5 :
I do think that this is a great BB CREAM. I love it! It is pricey and i think it is worth the money hehehe. It brightens up, glowy, and it is PURRR fect for a busy girl like me, because it does not oxidize and stayed well until late night. Yiiihuuu~ I recommend this for a girl with combination to oily skin because i think it will really helps toning up and controlling the oils,

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  1. 275 yah,, mahal juga :O
    cocok u/ kulit yg light yah sptinya :D

    1. iyah.. mahal >.< tambah dikit bisa dapet foundie estee lauder. hehehe.. iya cocoknya sama fair.. soalnya kayaknya shadenya light beige gitu.. thanks for commenting, say

  2. coveragenya bagus ce..^^ belum pernah coba si.,. mungkin nanti mau coba sample nya dlu aja hehe..

    1. iya coveragenya bagus.. aku suka! iya, beli sample nya dulu aja dev.. habisnya mahallll banget lho fullsizenya

    2. Ada yg mau beli liole triple solution full size ga? Baruuu kepake sama sekali.. Sama nymph auta etude

  3. Aku juga suka hanaaaa....
    Pernah cobain it....
    Mau beli fullsize tapi masih niat abisin bb cream lainnya...wkwkwkk
    Iya nih bb cream lioele ini banyak jd favorit...

    1. sebenere baca reviewmu dulu, lin..jadi lebih kepengen hehehe.. kamu juga suka ya? sama

    2. Iya sukaaaa kalo aku....
      Oil control and coveragenya oke sih menurutku...
      Malah ku pertama terkesima gara2 waktu pake di fall in love..xixixii

  4. aku punya jg han tp klo utk aku oil controlnya sih ga bagus.. minyakan gt stlah 3 jam.. tp coveragenya mmg bagus sihh :D

    1. beda - beda kali ya >.< kamu tipe oily skin ta, rin? hehehe..

    2. iy aku oily combination han :D

  5. my fav han! sak nomer wes
    aku suka bb cream ini sama yg dollish series, blend so well *dancing*

    1. waaa pengen yang dollish hehehe.. kayaknya kerennn

  6. oh waaaw, the coverage is awesome~!! thanks for the review <3

    1. aaa rindodo is here! hehehe.. you are welcome..

  7. Coveragenya bagus yaaa. Sayangnya priceyy.. Aaaak
    Btw congrats menang Naked Pallete dr Cici Lulu..
    Emg pantes dpt km.. XD

    1. makasih erna :).. iya bagus.. hehehe.. harus nabung2 lg nihhh

  8. bb creamnya cocok banget buat kamu ><
    pengen banget coba bb cream ini tapi emg harganya mahal banget :(

  9. Aq barusan icip2 sample sachetnya, iya, ini beneran bb cream lumayan coveragenya. Mungkin 'thick' buat beberapa orang tapi buatku ngga masalah karena bisa menutupi masalah di kulitku he he..
    thank u for sharing the review, Hana

  10. hi, waktu it aku beli di museswonderland :)


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