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Now is December. It means this year is almost over for all of us. Ussually, in December, people are going to start thinking about their life and how has it been for them especially when New Year is nearing. Me too, that is also my habit. 

Being that said, the urge to write posts about self building rearing again. Hmm? Self Building? Yeah, you read it right. Self building is one of the most intriguing and interesting subject for me ever since i learn psychology. I want to start this a long time ago, but too afraid to do so. First, afraid because i am no professional. Second, afraid that you girls might not like it. Talking about life, character and how to build ourself sometimes can be hard to read, makes us think, and very debatable. Well, people have their own perspective that they hold dear in their life, it can be different than mine.

AFRAIDDD >.< , just a random pic
It is a good thing that this afraid feeling can be cast away if i serve a good cause. And i believe i do. I have seen many girls with porcelain faces, look so unhappy and behave ugly. Me too, i have been in that state. I am still learning everyday and trying to build myself to become a better person. I find that my meditation, books i read, and this effort are advantageous after all. I feel that it is right to write a posts about self building. I hope we will learn together. I am telling myself to be courageous to write, after all it is a duty of psychologist to make people become better. So, i hope the posts will be beneficial ^^, inner beauty must be counted too

Now that end of the year is nearing. I pick the theme grateful. If you read my posts, you might know already that i am now crawling out from sickness. I got a very bad accident and i am trying to organize my life now. It was a very bad accident yah, but it gave me this amazing insight. The way i see my future, the way i see myself and the world around me has been different ever since.  I see this as a bless. I see this as the way God has given me one more chance to once again pick the most important thing of my life.

All this year, what had happened to you?
Just like good things
Bad thing happen too

But remember this
" And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose"

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