Rain of Giveaways Part 1

12:07 PM

In the end of the year, there are MANY bloggers holding giveaways. 
Including me, hahaha, just see the left sidebar. I hold two giveaways!
But yeah, i love the idea how in this merry month,
 we bloggers could share blessing to our beloved readers. 
Let me share to you another giveaways held by bloggers around the world.
If you spot one that interest you, just click the picture!
WARNING: There will be TONS of giveaway~


1. Linas Beauty Diary
Win HIGH END Brands on your choice!
Could be Nars, lancome, etc

2.Pink Cloud Giveaway
Win Shizen Salve Balm

3.Made Up Maiden Giveaway
Win Lancome Gift Set

4. Marianilo1314 Giveaway

5. 99 Raina Giveaway

6. Ricey Supreme Giveaway

7. The dark side of beauty

8. Born to buy Giveaway

9. Miss Bunny Beauty Giveaway

10. Beauty101 blog

There will be Rain of Giveaways Part 2.
So many giveaways that we can join in and try our luck.
I boost tons of luck for each one of you.

Love you!

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