The efforts that young people have to do in order to strengthen the nationalism through loving the culture

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Since 1945, in Rengasdengklok, our founding fathers had unite us together into one Republic of Indonesia. For our beloved country, they put a foundation called Bhineka Tunggal Ika. I believe that Bhineka Tunggal ika that means Unity in Diversity didn`t just come casually. I too, believe there was consideration behind it.

Indonesia has been long known as one of the biggest archipelago in the world. It is enormous. Compromising more than 17.000 islands, we do diverse in a lot of way. Since each island had been isolated back then, each island and region had developed their own custom, tradition and way of life. We are diverse. In this kind of diversity, we are also prone of war, ethnosentrism, and competition against each culture. Inspite of killing and mocking others, our founding fathers were hoping that we can unite as one. ONE INDONESIA. I believe this was their consideration.

As young people, WE ARE the PILLARS of this country. The future of this country is us and depend on us. Whether our country will stay strong or easily divided by others, it is also our responsibility. So what do we must do in order to love our country more? Then how to grow sense of belonging of Indonesia? I think these kind of questions have even popped out to your mind. No, not all of you, just those who is concerned about this country.

Considering on how diverse we are, there are two things that we can do in order to make a change. First is the effort to tolerate, and the second is the effort to learn.

Being diverse, we sure are different. Sundanese are different then Javanese, Balinese are different from Papua' s people and so on. What we believe in might be different, so instead of exaggerating this differences, i hope you are able to say ' It is not good nor bad, it is just different". Your belief is good for u, their belief is good for theirs. Everybody has their chance to pick what is good for them. So, there is no need for us to judge them from our narrow perspective.

Instead, allow yourself to learn. It is a beautiful thing to learn other culture. So, you might understand why others have certain value. Learn WITHIN yourself too, remember that each of has two identities. First, is our national identity as Indonesian. Second is your tribe/ race/ regional identity. Root for it.  As for me, i am Indonesian but i am also Tionghoa ( Indonesian - Chinese). I try to grasp and live it everyday. I cherish lunar new year, cheongsam ( i love it!), filial piety and so much more. I am proud to be Indonesian and Tionghoa. It is who i am.

I hope you do too. Just imagine if each of us learn and understand who we really are. Then we have a heart to preserve the traditional culture. I believe our country heritage won`t be forgotten. They will be well preserved, and other country would not even think to claim them. Instead, they will be amazed on how beautiful and diverse we are, yet we can maintain national peace and we belong together as Indonesian. 

These are the keys. Beauty of our country Indonesia. 

<3 Hana

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