Review: Trustee sheer eyeshadow in Blue

1:08 AM

Hi, everyone :) Do you like blue eyeshadows? Some people i know love it so much, because it will give us a versatile and brave look. But  some finds this color too much and hard to do. How about you?

Well, in case you want a pigmented blue eyeshadow, i have one. This is very old eyeshadow that i won two years ago on Feminax writing contest.That is why the packaging is pretty yellowish and ugly. The new one is unlike that. It is actually very pretty, white, sturdy with marble-ish feel. Love it.

In case you never heard about trustee, it is a local brand. I think it is a junior brand of RISTRA. hmm.. kinda diversification in company. If Ristra is targeted for a lady, then Trustee is made for younger adult. 
 When i open, voilaaa.. there are two colours. Dark blue and baby blue. Both are very pigmented but a little bit powdery. That is the down part about it. The staying power is so - so, but the texture is SMOOTH :) i like it

This is the swatch. Without primer, and in only one swipe (*colek). For me the pigmentation is quite great for a local product like this. It is worthy to be collected under my vanity case. 

Do you have your favorite blue eyeshadow?

Overall: 3/5
-available locally
-nice packaging
-SO - S0 staying power
-  A lil bit powdery

<3 Hana

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