Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter: MAJOR LOVE :)

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Hi readers :) I just finished a korean drama called Sungkyunkwan scandal. Waa so cool!! Hahaha.. I love drama very much. People who knows me well sometimes joke "If you want Hana to be stupid, just give her a pile of dramas to watch, she is not gonna think about anythin' else" hahahaha.. Ya they are exaggerating, of course, but yeah, i do love it very much, it is very entertaining for me to watch drama, and the way they do their make up. 

Anyway, back to sungkyunkwan, it is a historic korean drama about a girl called Kim Hyoon Hee who disguise as a man named Kim Hyoon Shik to earn money for her family. She is so smart and talented, but at that time, woman could not pursue an education. In a mean time, she meet Lee Jon Soen ( do i spell it right? :P) who makes her enter Sungkyunkwan. Here she gets along well with Gu yong ha, Moon jae shin and Lee Jon soen. In the end she is married with Lee Jon Seon.

That is the story, hehehe dont understand? Sorry i am such a sucker in making synopsis. But i think, it is better this way, so i don`t spoil the story ( what an excuse!) hahaha.. I always in love with this kind of story. I love a story about a girl who fight for the family, unbeatable, brave, strong and become a hero. Somehow i can relate myself to it. No wonder i also love Mulan and also Hunger Games. I really do learn a lot from this movie. I love how it entangles politics, love, and also education into one. It is very worth watching :)

Here in this movie i like Moon jae shin the most! HEHEHE handsome! At first i was hoping that Kim yoon hee will end up with Moon jae shin instead of Lee joon soen. Well, yeah, it is great lha he didn't end up with Yoon hee, so he can be with me *slapped!! hahahaha JK..

YOO AH IN :) or Moon Jae shin.. cool face!!

The other one that i watched recently is CITY HUNTER. It is a famous serial, i believe most of you know already. Since it is already a while, like a week ago. I really can`t make a great synopsis, moreover the story is a little bit complicated. 

let me try..let me try... i think the story was like this. Back in 80`s a soldier team was killed by their own country. One of the survivor seeks revenge and raised a kid, Lee Yoon Sung ( Lee min ho) The kid later become a city hunter who hunt the culprit of the massacre.

This city hunter is a major love for me! I cant stop staring at Lee Min Ho and his cool action act. OMG! I also love Kim Na na ( Park Min Young) because just like what i stated above. She is also never give up, strong, brave, and against all odds girl like her always survive in this world :) Park min young and Lee min ho both are great actor and actrees.. Great talent, i thank them for entertaining me hehehehe

I just realize also, that both serial i watch has Park Min Young in them. Her characters are also alike. Well, Min Young, you really suited to be a strong girl. Keep it that way :)

Has anybody watch these dramas? What do you think about them?

Heart <3

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