11 Random Things About Me: Part 1

2:28 AM

My dear fellow blogger, Gita, has kindly tag me "11 random things about me". Thanks, Git (x0x0) . She has a very nice beauty blog, i have been loving her blog, if you have time please check her blog too here 

 These are the rules ( i just copy it from Gita`s blog):

  1. Buat posting dengan judul 11 Random Things About Me 
  2. Trus, tulisin siapa yang menge-tag kalian
  3. Lalu buat 11 hal random tentang kamu. boleh apaaa aja.. namanya juga random ^^
  4. Jawab 11 pertanyaan dari orang yang nge-tag kamu
  5. Tag 11 teman kamu buat ikutan main ini
  6. Jangan lupa, kasih tau di blog temanmu yang sudah kamu tag, biar dia bisa ikutan maen jugaa..
  7. Jangan lupa, tuliskan juga aturan mainnya, biar permainan ini ga putus di kamu yaa..
Ok, those above are the rules. And here are my 11 random things

1. Blogging is my sweet escape

As you may read, sometimes i am sharing with you my crazy entrepreneur life, like working long hours and so many pressures. Thanks for hearing "reading" me out, girls. Knowing you all there and listening my thoughts had relieve my stress somehow ^^. Writing about beauty things are also giving my brain a rest. Thinking and enduring the business all the time are painful. But when i write about my favorite thing, i feel happier. 

2. I spend a lot of time researching about make up
When i feel burn out, i read a lot of beauty blog. Window shopping on online stores, and just watching make up tutorial video.I enjoy those things everyday. Sometimes my sis even say, " Make up again make up again, isn`t there anything else in internet that you can see?" Hahahaha. 

3. I am making a thesis about make up

I am about to graduate and of course a thesis is a requirement. I will be writing about the influence of self regulation and public self consciousness towards make up use behavior. I am about to release the questionaire along the big giveaway. So, girls, please please help me fill the questionaire so i can graduate faster *puppy eyes*


This is my weakness. Very messy and disorganized. If you come into my room, my things are like scattered everywhere. In a busy days, you even have to move things ( bags, magazine, make up, and etc) with your feet because the floor are covered with goods >.<. I often lose my cellphone and precious make up inside my room. That is how bad it is.

5. I have never been lip - kissed

:p. This is so random hahahaha. Me and my boyfriend had agreed that we are going to respect each other and fulfil each other dream. One of my dream is to have my first kiss down in the altar of the church. Also, i don`t find it appropriate to share kiss in a courtship relationship. Such a conventional girl, am i? 

6. I have never dyed my hair

Another conventional side of me ^^. I have never dyed my hair, and never blow dry/straighten my hair in daily basis. I am so sensitive about hair because my hair is very difficult. Dry, puffy and so thick. I am afraid it will get worse if i use hair styling tools and hair dyed it.

7. I love Mulan, but hate another princesses stories

I am the kind of girl who fight against obstacle, and not waiting for the prince or angel to save my life. Maybe that is why i can relate to Mulan, whereas i find another princesses as very lame and weak.

8. I bit my lips when i sleep
Bad sleeping habit :p. Since i was kid, i love to bite my lip until i fall asleep. That happens till now, even worsened when i feel anxious. 

9. I have three FAMILIES

My family is not divorced, don`t get me wrong. When i was kid, my grammy family nurtured me. She is like a MOM to me. Then, when i reached 4th grade, i come back to my natural family. When i was high school, i received a scholarship to USA and lived with my host family. They really give me precious memory and values. So overall, i got three families.

10. My deepest dream is to be a professor and have a WOMANLY bussiness

I love to teach and that is my passion. Sadly, my family financial aren`t good. What is left to me is hardwork and talents. Those are my assets to pursue higher education. This has become my motives to work day to night. I also don`t wannabe a professor that is fluent in theory only. I want to teach my students how to survive in real world and become successful. As a vivid vision, i want to have businesses that related to us woman. This vision has come true. I have SOYA business now, and it is really healthy and benefit all woman to have better skin and nutrients :). Very grateful. 

11. I love my sisters very much

I have two sisters named reta and lisa. The girl above is Reta :). As the family backbone, i will do my best so that my sisters can pursue higher education and have a bright future. Fighting!

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