FOTD: Rainbow on my eyes

3:32 AM

Hi everyone, how are you? It is hot and humid here in Surabaya. I am sweating a lot and the mosquitos are flying around >.< . How about your town? Is it like this too?

Currently, i am competing in a make up contest held by PAC. The theme is about colorful make up. When i read this, i was startled. Colorful make up? I suddenly thought of a very extreme make up, "lenong face", and heavy make up. But well, i wanted to create something more natural. Colorful but wearable. I like a look that when you walk by, people are astonished by your "so called natural" beauty. But when they look closer, they would see something more. ART. They would say something like " whoo, the eye make up is cool!" or something like that :P hehehe..

Hmm, this is the wearable version of the colorful make up. When i make this look i wanted to emphasize on glowy face, that is why i used a lot of highlighter and shimmer. Hopefully it would not look too much tho? What do you think?

For this look i am using:
Nature Republic Vanilla Sky foundation
Maybelline concealer in sand beige
Marcks Powder in Cream
Maybelline Moisture Sensation in Angel Rose
Aubeau eye primer
Sariayu Eyeshadow Pallete

Ciaaa.. here are the cam whoring pics..

I change the lipcolor to red. I end up looking like MAKCIK instead. Huaa really unable to pull off red color..

And this is the official pic that i send to PAC Website. Anybody join this too? Please leave a comment with a link below, i will certainly like and support your photo :). I hope you can win!

And these are the eyes. I admit i really have to work on my eyebrow. I am so bad at drawing eyebrow. If you girls know some good tutorial or wanna teach me personally please let me know hehehehe.

Just a little trick, with this look i am using a clear tape conecting the outer corner of my eyes to outer corner of my eyebrow. So that i can achieve a clean - sharp angle.

BYEEE.. <3 hana

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