Pemilihan Wajah Muslimah 2012

12:45 PM

A couple weeks ago, i have had a meeting with my fellow Surabaya beauty blogger. While waiting for the car, i was watching this amazing event that held in CITO. Pemilihan wajah muslimah. It was held by Nurani Magazine. 

I love their dresses. Extravagant and glamorous, remind me of the comical Arabic tale, where all the princesses gathered and wearing beautiful gowns.

And, at last, i took pictures with some of these beautiful ladies :)

Ok ladies, good luck for your competition :).. I hope you have had great experience

<3 Hana

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  1. This are amazing muslimah fashion collection. Sometimes I thought that being a Muslimah makes it hard for you to catch up on latest fashion trend. With this, I could tell how fashionable and gorgeous muslimah's are.


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