Review: Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lipgloss in Creamy Guava

9:01 AM

Hello, loveliest! :D Happy friday morning, i hope you seize the day and be happy because it is the last working day. I am still going to work tomorrow and even Sunday. But i am also happy because tomorrow is my anniversary day with my boyfriend. Horray! We have been together for soo long, 5 - 6 years? I pray that we will be able to help each other and grow together until we are old :)

Hehehe enough for a jibby jabbering :P.. In this lovely friday i want to share with you an affordable lipgloss from maybelline. It comes in Fruity Jelly lipgloss line. Mine is creamy guava, and i bought it for around 35.000. Creamy guava is pretty much sheer pink color lipgloss that sits prettily around the lips. It is kinda MLBBG (my lips but better and glossy) color. If you want this, it is affordable and easy to find. You can practically fin this product in every make up counter.

Application is easy. Since it comes in a tube packaging,it is easier also to carry. It never spills on my make up pouch too. 

Texture, Longevity, Smell, Pigmentation

It is a little bit sticky and gel like gloss, but i find it comfortable to wear. It has fade - guava scents. But it will certainly goes away in not time once you apply this on the lips :). It sparks on my lips for like three hours if i don`t eat anything. Quite an achievement, because i find another lipgloss start fading in one or two hours. Pigmentation is very sheer. Very very sheer, but well, i buy this for the glossy part anyway. It is also moisturizing. I ussually have a chapped lips, and it is getting better after a fruity jelly lipgloss regular use.

There is nothing "wow" about this product, but i find it do its job as a lipgloss. So, due to the price and longevity, i would recommend this to my fellow college students who needs a daily lipgloss. 

Overall rating: 4/5
Repurchase: Maybe

<3 Hana

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  1. aku juga punya ini ^^ tapi yang strawberry <3

  2. wah, selamat ya bisa awet 5-6tahun, mudah2an awet selamanya.

    btw, ngliat judulnya jadi inget jus jambu, hehe. tapi sayang aku ga terlalu suka pake lipgloss, lengket sih di bibir. XD

  3. wah my very first lipgloss ^^ murmer dan wrnnya bagus yg creamy guava ini

  4. shasha: enak ga yang stroberi? warnanya kayak apa?
    awa: thanks awaa...


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