Daily Ullzang Attack!

2:05 AM

Since my exams are done and paper is submitted, now it is time to have fun and blogging! Yeay, nice to see you again, chicas!. Today I want to share with you an ullzang look that I make pretty much everyday for school hehehe. I like this kind of look because it makes me look polished without looking too much. So sorry also once again I am going to spam ya with my selcas! Just bear with it Hahahaha.*heavy pic warnings*

Ullzangs have flawless, pretty, glowy and unblemished skin! You don` have one? I don`t too hahahaha but worry no more, usually I put bb cream and my skin looks better. For this, I use Lioele Triple Solutions BB Cream.

Now, for the glowy part, I put Max Factor Precision Shadow in this areas: forehead, nose bridge, cupid bow, and pretty much those areas that you want to emphasize on. Blend them out.

Yay, glowy and flawless face are pretty much achieved. Now, I use this Luview Baked Eyeshadow for a natural look, a little glow that will enhance the eye. But you can use whatever eyeshadow, lha, just color that you love. For me, I apply this copper color on my lid.

   Then I put dark brown eyeshadow on lower lid.

Adding some to the outer corners

Taking out my favorite gel liner, Bobbi Brown in Black Ink, I line my eyes. Thin line will do. Draw past your actual point where your outer eye point stops to give illusion of an elongated eye

I thicken my brows with this choco eyebrow cake from Skinfood. So sorry if my eyebrow drawings are weird hahah I am suck at it! Still learning though hehehe.

Then i apply some mascara. I use two types. First i use Maybelline Curl Extension Mascara to elongate the lashes and then top it of with Maybelline Volume Express. I apply NYX cream blush on in GLOW. I love this blush because it looks really pwetty! hehehehehe

Flawless and glowy face are pretty much achieved! This step is optional, but i ussually mattify my face with a pact. Then, don`t forget the gradient lips that Ullzangs have. I put Etude Lip tint on middle part of the lip and conceal the outer lip area. Etude lip tint is definitely my favorite! If you are looking for one, you can check at Bell`s Etude House. My friend, Yessy sell those for an affordable price. Hmm, after this you can also add lipgloss, but because i have a plump lip, i don`t bother to put lipgloss on because i don`t want to make it looks even bigger hehehe

Taadaaa Doneeee...
For a better look, you can try to use contact lenses. I never use any though, i am afraid to poke my eyes >.<.

Well, off to college!


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  1. masih blm bisa bkn mata sipit jdi belo gt >.<

  2. kyaaa uljjang hihi :3
    pas kuliah dulu masi ga tau dandan aku hahahah xD

    1. wkwkwk iya ini baru2 aja rin, aku belajar dandan hehehe

    2. hahhaa iy aku mulai dandan k kampus itu sem terakir, itu pun cm pake bb cream doank xD

  3. wih cantiiikk >< kamu monolid juga yah?

    main2 yah ke blog :)

    1. monolid dan sipit banget hehehe.. iya okeh, bakal maen segera wkwk

  4. Pretty! I love the look. I never know abt Ullzang look until I read all the IBB ladies' blog. Love the look though :)


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