ZA Plumper Lipstick in Pink Pearl and Candy Pink Review

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These babies here are my daily lipstick. I use these everyday for college, office and even just for hang out with friends. I bought this preloved but still in perfect condition! 

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Give your lips perfect clarity and depth with our new lip items."Fill-up collagen" replenishes your lips with rich moisture while "Plump-up pearl",with its light-diffusing effect, makes your lips look incredibly plump and smooth. It has ten shades, mine is Pink Pearl and Candy Pink.

Pink Pearl
is a barbie bubblegum pink, somehow nude. But do not worry because it does not make me look pale because it is very sheer.

Candy Pink
is a pink with more warmer tone. The color is kicking more than Pink Pearl

Amount: 3.5 grams


Packaging: ZA lip plumper appear in this silver – mirrored plastic packaging. It is certainly not cute, but smells *mature* hahaha very classy and I am proud bringing this lipstick around in my cosmetic pouch.

Ingredients: Very moisturizing! I eat a lot, so my lipstick gone most of the time. I reapply so many times and it does not dries out my lips. The formula does not sink on fine lines.

I love the colors. They are just perfect and sheer for daily. I won`t look too much but looking fresh at all times.

Smell nice. It smells like bubblegum. But, no worries! The smell is faint and it goes upon application. I like it a lot, at least it does not smell and taste like wax.

Candy Pink - Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl

Candy Pink


Poor staying power. It stays just one or two hours, but yeah, I also treat this lipstick as half-lipbalm, so I do not mind with the staying power.

ZA lips plumper that I have is not very pigmented. It is sheer and glossy.

Here i use Pink Pearl. Nothing too much. Just a hint of color and gloss. 
Beautiful MLBB (my lips but better) color for the day


ZA lips plumper is great for everyday lipstick because they are moisturizing. 
If you are looking 
for a pigmented lipstick that has a great staying power, than this line is not for you. I personally will repurchase when I run out because the colors are PURRRfect.

Rating 4/5

Chicas, CHRISTMAS is tomorrow!
I am so excited.
What are you doing for Christmas tomorrow?
I hope it will be a great one


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  1. bagussss han warnanya..hampir mirip ya pink pearl sm candy pink >,<
    disini blm nemu counternya :(

  2. iya, hampir - hampir mirip semuanya. Tapi malah gara2 itu aku jadi suka, soalnya satu bisa dibawa pergi, satunya ditinggalin di rumah hahaha

  3. good colors on you..both! hehe..=)


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