The Body Shop Online Gathering

11:44 PM

Last week on 12 December 2012, we ( Surabaya Beauty Blogger) was invited to go for online gathering in Rolaas Cafe, Tunjungan Plaza. 
Who invited us?? Yours and truly THE BODY SHOP!

Surabaya Beauty Blogger

In a cozy room we got to sit and had nice chat plus had a nice meal
It was super fun! 

The body shop is concerned with global warming 

Delicious Strawberry for the Night

After an opening speech by Kak Galuh, the main event started!
Yeaaaa.. it is MAKE OVER TIME..

1. Glamorous Smokey Eyes
MUA: Iman

2. Natural Christmas Look
MUA: Nadia

I volunteered to be a model hahaha. So embarassing actually *Kyaaaa*!
But i learn better when people do make up on me
So, i know the right technique on contouring my face and do eye make ups 

Thanks Ms. Nadia for making me beautiful! hehehe

Make Over Result
 Do you see in the first pictures we had this cute pink pouch?
It was a hamper, and inside, i can see these beautiful items

Thank you THE BODY SHOP!

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