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Which one do you use everyday? BB Cream or foundation?
BB Cream is beneficial for our skin and foundation has better coverage 
Now, i want to share with you that we can do both!

We can do it both way with the newest Precious Mineral BBDation. 
BBdation stands for BB + Foundation. 
This baby right here still got BB Cream features like SPF, Whitening, and Anti wrinkle agent.
Completed with foundation feature, zero defect skin! 

SPF 40, PA +++

It comes with a beautiful beige card box, and i love this details below.
It is like a note for us, the princess who use this.

My shade is light beige.
This baby is retailed at 164000 at Bell`s Etude House
and around 300.000 rupiahs at your local Etude House Counter.
Amount: 30 grams

Packaging (5/5): 
It comes with purple cap and a pump. So definitely hygienic! Also, this time, Etude House managed to make a clear bottle. I like the idea lah, this way i can see how much product i have left.

Texture and consistency (5/5) :
It is suprisingly very smooth and lightweight. Very easy to blend. Bare in mind that you do not need too much bb cream. Start with small amount and build it up, concentrating in the center of the face. FYI, it is also waterproof, that is why it will be a very good choice in hot Indonesia

Coverage and Finish (4/5):
I would say that the finish is medium to full. It is able to cover big pores, creating smooth surface of the skin. The finish is dewy and giving me a healthy glow. I personally love matte finish more, but mind that luminous skin is "in" right now, i think this bb cream is definitely an option.

Oil control and staying power (3/5):
It does not take long before my nose and T Zone start to shine. I wonder if it is because the luminous finish it gives. But, though oil control is not that good, BB Dation does not oxidise on me.
I once tried this on for an all day party. I find when i prime my face first before using this bbDation, and then finish it with make up set mist, this BB Dation does not oil up. This FOTD below is taken after 8 hours using this BB Cream, no blotting, no touching up. BB dation stays, isn`t it? hehehe. But well, yeah, this maybe only me though because my skin is a good friend of cosmetic.

8hours after using BB dation. I love how it stays!

This BB dation gives you luminous finish, good coverage, and the benefits of BB Cream. I love the  hygienic packaging and the texture. I recommend this for a low maintenance + busy girl because it is going to stay all day. It is going to look great on normal to dry skin girl, because it tends to be a little bit oily.

+ SPF 40 PA +++, Byeee sunblock!
+ Luminous Finish
+ Great Coverage
+ Hygienic Packaging
+ Stays all day
+ Feels light on my skin
+ It does not oxidise
+ It does not break me out

+ Oil control is so so


Creamy and lightweight

Spread `~ Light Beige Shade

Sink Finely and Naturally

So, girls, if you are interested in this BBDation,
You can buy at my friend`s, Bell`s Etude House
Bell`s sells authentic Etude House Product with more affordable price

Shop Here

You will get 5% off ready stock product by mentioning the code: BEAUTY - CHICA 

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  1. hadehhh, lumayan yah harganya sist( ゚Д゚)#check poket

    1. tapi performanya hampir serupa kayak lioele yang harganya 300 an.. lumayan IMO.. thanks for visiting my blog, dear

  2. Hai, Hana
    Nice review as always, and completed with clear pics too :)
    So the coverage and the staying power are good.
    Sounds good to try.
    Wah, tapi kalau lihat harganya, mending beli online lebi murah..
    thank u for sharing info^^

    1. hehehe iya mba, harganya beda hampir separuh.. gilee..

  3. wih bagus ya. jdi pngen , kebetulan bb cream bntr lagi abis >.< tp liat2 review lioele juga jadi galau mau lioele ato etude T_T slama ni pake etude trus sihh


    1. etude lebih murah hehehehe tapi lioele lebih enak di blendingnya..

  4. wah trnyatta harganya sgitu aj ya.. kupikir 300an lho slama ini.. mungkin yg 300an itu yg sm aplikatornya yaa..

    1. iya, yang 300 ada aplikatornya rin.. kalo ini nya aja sekitaran 150 sampe 160 an hmm sama kayak bright fit tapi bright fit isinya lebih banyak

  5. too bad that all etude house bb creams are yellowish and doesnt suits my skin tone T.T

    1. ah really? what is your skintone? pink? then dr jart must work well on u then hehehehe


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