Etude House BB Magic Pact Review

6:08 AM


The powder has the cutest packaging ever!

I actually not that fond of it, but yeah, i won`t sell it as preloved because the packaging is TOO PRETTY to pass for.


First impression is eyecatching already with a hologram box. Woo..


What is inside is even more pretty. Purple packaging that looks so girlie. It does reminds me of old times, when little hana was running aroung holding Barbie make up dummy. It was look like this, wasn`t it? hehehe.


So princessey!


Even the inside are carefully embossed with the same engrave. Pretty but yeah, i guess the powder is not densely packed that is why it cracked easily.


BB Magic pact has a dewy finish. It looks cakey on me, heavy, cracky and it has bad oil control. The pact works if i do not put anything on my skin and just swipe it lightly. That is the only time when the surface looks smooth. I never top it of with bb cream because it is going to look to thick and BB Magic Pact does not hold oil as much.


And this is me using the BB Magic Pact. Looks okay, but yeah, it is actually cakey and feel heavy.


The only thing i love is packaging. Period.

Well it might be different with you, though. If you are interested, i think Bell`s Etude House is having it on preorder every month. It retails around 150.000 or $15 which i think it is not cheap. But well, if you dislike the formula, you can always keep the packaging hehehe.

So, that is all for today. I am sorry for rather blurry pictures. I was going hardcore on resizing it today and this is what happened #bow#.

Ok, i am signing out.

Love you,


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  1. Emang kalau soal packaging Etude bagus ya haha. Girly banget packagingnya ^_^

  2. Omggg, the packaging! Is! Amazing! *___* (But ick, if it feels heavy and cakey... it's definitely not for me!) Thanks for the review!

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