Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BR 740 review

8:44 PM

My very first HIGH END lipstick ever!
Hahaha as you know, i am more into color than to brand. As long as the color is pretty and comfortable to wear, i don`t care if it is Viva or MAC, i will just shove it right away hahaha. Of course, i will still find a way to get the cheaper option lha.. hehehe.
But yeah, I am so lucky i get this Shu Uemura lipstick as a make up competition prize. It is retailed around 250,000 rupiahs or $25 in outlets, i think. 
For a high end product i am not too impressed with the packaging, really. Yes it is made from a good sturdy plastic, but compared to YSL lipstick? This looks like an ordinary girl next to a princess. I have seen this design around a lot, tony moly and oriflame has lipstick with packaging similar to this. Hmm.. I would say it is just not unique.
It is twist off just like regular lipstick. When i first received this, i was hesitating to try because it looks so granny color in the tube. So red, so scary, and so not me >.<. I tried this anyway though, and it turns out to be sheer.
The color is brick red, red with a hint of orange and brown. When applied, it does not sink on fine lines, has natural finish and has a good staying power. 
I used only one swipe in this photo below. The result is natural. Not too matte nor glossy. Just okay. Since the texture is not creamy, it won`t move and the color will just stay there for hours. Shu Uemura unlimited tends to be moisturizing and does not exaggerate my fine lines. But still, it is not my color. hehehe..
 This is me using Shu Uemura lipstick. I am sorry about the pajama haha, i just got back from church and changed my outfit to the comfy one. I spent 4 hours at church and the color was just same. I really wished that the color is pink, maybe it would be my holy grail lipstick >.<

loves <3
- Moisturizing and does not smell weird
- Sheer but buildable
- Does not exaggerate lipline and stay for hours
rants >.<
- Packaging looks kinda cheap for high end product.
- Not my color preference >.<
FYI, my favorite blog for high end brand is having a giveaway.
Alexandra Gunawan is giving away make up :) So do check it here

 Love you!


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