Garnier BB Cream Review

8:25 PM


Finally Garnier released their BB Cream! Wooo, i am so excited because Garnier BB Cream has received a warm welcome in United States. My dear friend, Sheilla could not cease to brag about it, saying it is better than my Korean BB Cream.

garnier bb1

I become even more happy knowing it is retailed in 16.000 rupiahs price tag. Woo suppa cheap! It is everywhere also, you can purchase this in the nearest mart.

garnier bb2

It contains 18 ml and the packaging is solid plastic tube. Somehow reminds me of our regular POND`S or Olay moisturizer. The packaging is okay, it is really suited for a drugstore brand.

garnier 3

Do you see the hole? I just think it is too big. I never get a perfect amount of BB with this tube. It always spurting more than what i need and i end up wasting it. UGH!

garnier bb4

The cream itself has yellow undertone. Really lightweight and smells like Garnier lemon facial foam. It has SPF 21 to cast away UV, which is great for our over sunshine Indonesia. I did swatch above, and as you can see, the coverage is really sheer. It is not able to cover the pen mark. It does oxidise on me too >.<. In other sense, I always looks like oppa loompa with a pale sick yellow face.

garnier bb 5 

TOP – BOTTOM: Bare(1), BB Cream only(2), BB Cream plus powder(3).

The yellowish tone gets better after i pair it off with powder. It has good staying power also. On application, the cream blends easy and has matte finish (picture 2). My face looks dewy on picture 3 because my powder has sheer shimmer.

In conclusion, this is such an answer for you who has olive skin tone and always complaining about how Korean BB Cream is always too white. Garnier BB Cream will be perfect for you.

Rating 3/5

Repurchase? Yes, if Garnier releasing a lighter shade


See you soon :)


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  1. ah too bad yah han oxidize di kamu :(

  2. hasilnya ga smooth ya?

  3. This is my favourite BB cream other than the the Ginvera BB Cream! :D

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  4. Di Balikpapan udah nyari kemana-mana belum nemu nih :|

  5. sayang shade nya kegelapan di kamu ya han, makanya oxidize gitu di kamu ^^

  6. murah banget yaaa.. jadi pengen belii

  7. woaa,, BB Cream Garniernya murah banget >,<
    pengen coba, tp blm ada dikota aq :(

  8. pake bedak apa? bagus keliatannya ^^

    1. pake bedak revlon touch and glow nomer 55, er hehehe


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