Etude House CC Cream Review

4:31 PM


It is 4 am here.

People are eating their sahur and a funny girl is seating in front of a laptop writing about make up at dawn because she is nervous for a job interview today.

Yeah… I heard writing can heal anxiety, so hopefully after this i can pull myself together. But Argh! I don`t like this fluttering butterfly in my stomach >.<. Deg deg deg. Hmph >.<!

Today i am going to use Etude House CC cream for interview :). I will top it of with Bright fit so i have a flawless skin hehehe and hopefully the interviewer would not notice a face that only get 3 hours of sleep today hehehe.

jn 085_副

Say hi to it! Hahaha. I currently like  CC Cream so much because it looks more natural and less dewy for daily. I feel so anti – mainstream since many people dislike Etude CC cream, but instead going like the majority, i am actually loving it.

jn 087_副本

The packaging is white and a lot like Bright Fit, except this one has doff surface and smaller. It only has 30 grams. Bell`s Etude House sells this CC Cream for 155.000 or $15, i think. Etude House counter carries this also, they just launched it a few weeks ago.

jn 090_副本

I am actually liking the emboss here. Really pretty hehehe. But i too dislike white for a cc cream tube because it got dirty easily.

jn 092_副本

It comes with a pump, so it is hygienic.

jn 099

When i swatched it on, it looks so white! It has a tiny purple sparkle that disappear during application. If we continue to blend it in, it will be no longer white.

jn 106

Left-right: Bare-With CC Cream

It turns beige with a natural finish. The white color brightens up my face instantly and it has sheer coverage. Etude CC Cream is perfect for base, because it can make the bb cream last longer and has smoother finish.


This is me and my friend Mega. That day i was using CC Cream and Bright fit, i think my face looks flawless and brighter, don`t you think? Mega liked it a lot too.The oil control is also good, it holds up for around 4 hours and no oxidation.

I actually tried the glow version of cc cream. It is no difference in terms of coverage. The glow version has more dewy finish and it is more moisturizing. In my combination skin, it lasted shorter for aroun 2 hours and i already feel like my face turns to a greasy ball. For me, i do prefer silky version more :)

Rating 4/5

Repurchase? yes


Wish me luck, chicas!

Love you,


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  1. I love this cc cream too ^^
    jadi keliatan glowing gitu ^^

  2. Replies
    1. ayo dicoba.. hehehe sheer, cocok buat sehari hari


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