Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and Gloss Review

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I like ulljang lips alot, pretty much my daily lip look is always like that!

For you who are wondering about what ulljang lip is, it is a make up style that is brought from Korea. It is like using coloured tint only in the middle of your lips, blending it out to create a gradation color. For a finish, we can add a lip gloss to create a fresh look.

And for that style, i have it comes in handy with Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and Gloss. It is a dual ended lip product with tint and gloss in each end. Means we do not need two products to get the pretty ulljang lips, but one is enough! Woo Hooo…!


I got this at Bell`s Etude House. I think they have it in limited edition with an affordable price, only 90000 rupiahs or $9.


Fresh cherry tint comes in two shade, Red Tint and Pink Tint.

dear tint  

Mine is PINK DOUBLE…..

fresh 4

As i said earlier, it is DUAL ENDED. The packaging is a twist off. If you twist it up you have a gloss and if you twist it down you have a tint.


You twist both?? You have these two cute bottles like these hehehe.


The products are actually a lot. I have used these for more than a month daily and the amount was not reduced as much as i thought. I think the tint bottle is just a little bit smaller than Etude House Fresh Cherry tint, that is why i think this is quite a steal for me. I can get a PLUS LIPGLOSS by paying 20.000 more only * Regular tint is 70.000, i think :)*


The top end is a gloss. The gloss has this pretty shimmery finish that really makes my lips look a lot fuller. Since my lips are naturally full already. I ussually just apply it on the middle of my lips. It is not as sticky as Maybelline or Silkygirl gloss *LOVE IT*!The applicator is surprisingly soft and a tad bit longer than the tint applicator.


And this is the bottom end. A tint!. The applicator is same like my regular Fresh Cherry tint, only smaller. I think Etude House just cut it shorter and COPY PASTE it to this series hehehe. Well, i have no complain since the applicator works well. The tint also has the same quality like the regular one. It is moisturizing, stays well for around 5 hours on me, feels light, smells nice and looking pretty.

fresh 7

Now swatches! This is how they turns out on my hands. The textures are both light and i just like it very much for daily use.



- Affordable and lasts for along time

- Moisturizing, looks natural, feels light and smells nice

- Love the applicators and packaging!


None at the moment :)


Okay, in conclusion, i have been enjoying Fresh Cherry Tint and Gloss a lot. If you are in high school or MENTALLY still highschool like me hahaha, you will like this lha. It will give us a no brainer cute pink lips daily, and it just look SUPER NATURAL. It works as a stain, therefore no heavy feeling nor super obvious creamy lipstick style. LIKE THIS!


Since this is a ready stock in Bell`s you can get additional 5% of by mentioning Beauty-Chica hehehe. Save that money for your wedding, girls LOL!

Okay, I`ll see you later

Much Love,


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  1. Natural & sheer yah .. Cocok dikamu tapi di aku kayaknya ngga' deh, klo bibirmu uda natural pink jd cocok .. >.<

    Sist, aq follow blognya ya, visit + follow back ya ^^

    1. okay, pasti ku folback.. sorry kalo lama, kapan lalu fokus skripsi jadi ga trlalu bnyak blogwalking >.<.. salam kenal kar :)

  2. not really pigmented yah han ?
    bagusan magic lip almnya silky girl
    soalnya pink nya manteeebb hehheheh

    1. iya lumayan pigmented kok, tapi silku girl jaoh sih pigmentednya. Kalo silky girl kan strawberry pink gt :) aku juga syukaaa :)

  3. warnanya bagus banget ya di bibir, suka >_>
    jadi pengen nyoba liptint, biasanya pake lipstik revlon doang sih

    anyway, blognya udah aku follot salam kenal ya ^^/
    mind to visit + follow back? hehe..

  4. These look so nice, I'm so tempted to buy them now! C:

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  5. Aku suka warna pinknya :3 So cute! Pas banget di bibir kamu, dear.

    Salam kenal ya...


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