Travelchica: Miaoli , Taiwan trip part 1

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This is my first time writing via my phone. Kinda weird, truth to be said, but I guess it would not hurt to try something new. Today I want to take you sightseeing to Miaoli, Taiwan. Miaoli is a county near Hsinchu and Taichung, about two hours from Taipei. If you like laidback life, farm and ranch, Miaoli is the perfect place to spend your holiday.

Departing from Taipei

We departed early in the morning, 7 : 30 and catch the 8 o`clock train to Miaoli. We took the TRA train and arrived in Zhunan.
Train Fare to Zhunan Township : 100 NTD

Zhunan Township and Happy Momo Farm

Zhunan was actually a beach and fishing community. It has big science park, but that is not why we were here. We were here to visit the Happy Momo Farm located in the north of Zhunan. Upon arriving at Zhunan, we have two choices to reach the farm, either take the taxi or rent a motorbike. We chose the later. We walked for 5 minutes to the motorbike rental and we were very welcomed! I even get to chose a hellokitty helmet for free. We rode north, around 25 minutes to Happy Momo Farm.

Happy Momo Farm is a big cow ranch. The weather was hot when we came. The wind blew softly and we took a pleasant walk. Beside us were trees and romantic falling leaves. When we were tired, we just hang out on the bench and played in the grass yard. It was a nice afternoon we had. Very relaxing to get closer to the nature and enjoyed the greenery.

It was very quiet in Happy Momo because it was not a holiday. Good, but also bad in a sense that not so many staffs help us that day. They were more focused on their daily ranch business, like taking care of the cows, milking and selling, but not to the tourists. 

We paid 60 dollars or 80 dollars, i forgot. Around that. Let`s say 60 dollars and you can get the entrance ticket. Stroll around as long as you want! You will also get free fresh cow milk which were, YUMMM delicious! It is so worth it! But i suggest you to come on the holiday so you can do more activities here like paint ball war, green slide, and milking the cow. 

Expenses: 60 NTD for entrance ticket + 25 NTD for the cow food
350 NTD for renting the motorbike
100 NTD for gasoline.

After a hot day in Happy Momo Farm, we went south to have something to eat. Near the Zhunan township household registration, there is a traditional food store selling a delicious noodles. It is like pangsit mie in Indonesia, except the noodle is finer. The noodle is good, but YOU MUST TRY the fish meatball. It is a lot like hiewan, a meatball with stuffing inside. However this hiewan is totally a MUST TRY. The taste was heavenly!

Expenses: 60 NTD for lunch

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