Best $3 Local Lipstick! PIXY Silky Fit Lipstick Review

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Ellow ladies! 
It has been really quiet here! Do you miss me? #ngarep hahaha

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And today, i come back with a highly requested review from local brands. If USA has $1 NYX round lipstick and Wet and Wild`s, actually Indonesian PIXY also carries pretty lipsticks. Last month i bought four shades from Silky fit line and they are all PRETTY !

Price: 28.000/ $3
Amount : 3,8 grams

Key features: Affordable, contains Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil

And.. This is how it looks like..
It is pink, and sturdy lha. For a little bit more expensive price then Viva lipstick, the packaging is WAY better. The plastic is better quality and does not break easily and clipped tight. If the color were less pale, i think the lipstick is gonna be cuter. 

I have Ayaka Satin, Rich Red Satin, Puppy Love and Brown Sugar Satin

Rich red satin, brown sugar, ayaka, and puppy love
Rich red satin : A deep red with warm undertone
Brown sugar: Nude, pale brown with warm undertone
Ayaka: Peachy pink colored. My favorite!
Puppy love: Deep pink with slightly purple undertone

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Rich red - brown sugar- ayaka - puppy love

Brown Sugar, Puppy love, Rich Red, and Ayaka

Review of Pixy Silky Fit Lipsticks
- Pigmentation is great with satin finish. 
- It does not stays too long, only 3 hours top, but it is cheap mah, just reapply it
- It tastes and smells good, like SUGUS candy hehehe.. If you do not know what SUGUS is, it is smells fruity and sweet. The smells is a lot better than NYX round lipstick, seriously. 
- It has great color ranges! Around 30 plus colors for us to choose. 
- It does not feel waxy, quite comfortable to wear and the colors are LOVELY! My favorites are Ayaka and Puppy Love

FOTD with Silky Fit

Brown Sugar, looks so mature LOL
Puppy Love

Rich red satin, i previously use this on VAMPY ULLZANG fotd too!
I think this is the best local lipstick so far! Considered the price and quality. I would like to buy more. A little tips, buy these when they are on sale. I can buy four because last month Hypermart has a beauty sale and i got it around $2 only. Dirt cheap! hehehe

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And, this is it for today. I am going to go back to work!
I love you, girls,
Keep positive and Stay Pretty


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  1. I love ayaka too, the colors are pretty but cheap. yay! :D

    I have followed your blog ^^
    The Cupcake Philosophy

    1. Thank you.. i have followed you back.. Tos sek~ hahaha aku juga suka ayaka

  2. waaaaah aku mau yg rich red >.< warnanya kece syelakiih!!

    mels at

    1. Iyaaa, mirip sama riri woo Mac, yang ini versi murah.. lumayan lha

  3. haha aku uda nyuba yg rich red, terlalu mentereng di undertone aku

    1. hehehe.. ah ntar mampir blognya mba ane, mau liat rich red hehehe

  4. cakep! ^^v lagi nyari2 lipen merah yang kece >,< yang ini terlalu tua ya?

  5. Bener wanginya kayak sugus!!! :)

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  7. Yang rich red satin hampir mirip ama DELICIOUS CHERRY juga yoo :D

    find me here:


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