Tips: Choosing Make Up Brushes

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Brush is an ultimate make up tool. One of my beauty teacher always said to invest in good brush because it effects our make up creation. Choosing the right kind of brush was tricky for me, let alone knowing which one has good quality and which one is not. After many disappointing experiences from buying low quality brushes, i come to have ideas on how to choose make up brushes.

1. Bristle check!

There are majorly two kinds of bristle. Synthetic and natural. Synthetic bristle ussually made from tacklon or fiber, whereas natural fiber comes from pony hairs. No matter what they are made of, the most important thing that they must be SOFT. Harsh brush means bad quality and tend to enlarge our pores >.<. To do a bristle check i will try to wipe the brush on my hand. I do slow swipe, and then fast swipe (the kind of move when you want to blend your make up). If it is harsh, then goodbye! Put it back on the shelves.


If i think the brush is soft enough, then i ussually pinch the bristles out. Just one or two hairs and see whether they comes off or not. The second important thing on choosing brush is whether the glue are intact or not. We don`t want our brush turns bald in no time, right? So better check first.

2. Handle check

Best brush is an ergonomic brush. It feels right in our grip. For the eye make up, if the handle is too thin, blending would feel slippery, If it is too heavy and thick, then ur hand would get tired easily. Handle check is fairly subjective, it depends on your own liking.


One more thing, i always check the glue and the connection between the handle and the bristle. This is very important! I have had bad experience about this, the brush`s handle fell off in two weeks time because the handle and the bristle was not securely intact. It ends up inside the trash, Arfjsfj;khf! What a waste of money >.<.

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3. Price check

This option is truly optional. If you have a fat pocket and tag does not matter to you, then you can pick any brush you want. But for me, i would probably choose brushes that is less than 100.000 or $ 10 for face brush, and less then $3 for eye brush. Unlimited budget will allow you to have many options and choosing brush would be a lot easier because ussually price always come with quality. It doesn`t mean brushes that we see in stroberi, make up store, or department store are bad though. I tell you what, many of them has good quality in a reasonable price. Just do bristle check and handle check, plus let your feelings tell you whether it is worth buying or not. Overall, as a woman, we will be happier when we save some money, don”t we? hehehe


Allright, I hope the tips help!

Good luck


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