Milani Liquif Metallic Eyeliner Pencil Review in Black #01

2:58 PM

Ellow my darlaaa
Today i come back with a review of an eyeliner pencil from Milani.
This is famous for being a dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 for its longevity and performance.
I was SOOOO lucky, my dongsaeng (junior) from AFS, bought this for me from USA 

Hahaha, looks so small? It is actually not that small, believe me.
Due to my inability to sharpen pencil eyeliner, it has gotten this small after i sharpen it two times. 
The lead is very very very smooth and fragile, even after putting it inside refrigerator.

Review Milani Liquif Eyeliner:

- Affordable, enough said, in America, it is just around $4,even in Indonesian local online shop, the pencil is retailed around $8 or 80.000 which is not that bad hehe
- The formula is super creamy, it glides effortlessly and there is no tugging involved.
- Need time to set, like for 10 seconds, and after that the line won`t budge 
- It does stay all day, when you put eyebase, it is going to be even more long lasting!

Swatches and Tests

The finish is natural and the color is jet black! Very pretty actually. I can even use it at my waterline because it has a good quality. It is smudgeproof. Look at the second picture. After i let it set for 10 seconds, i tried to smudge it for many times, but the liner was insisting to stay. Even after i poured water on top, the liner stayed too. It only ruined after i rub when it was wet. Lesson learned? Don`t rub your eyes when you cry, if you do this, the liner will work amazingly.

I think this is the best eyeliner pencil for monolid so far. It is still getting messy on my monolid eyes, but not as much as the other. I don`t like the fact that the pencil formula is too creamy and hard to sharp. I had wasted sooo many cm`s of the pencil >.< 

All in all, Hana loves it!
Rating 4/5

Bye for now

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  1. My favorite eyeliner too ce ! haha
    iya susah rautnya.. udah didiemin di freezer juga masih susah :|

    1. sama dev :) ni, kalo ngeraut harus doa yang kenceng biar ga patah hahaha


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