Maybelline Hypergloss Eyeliner Review

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Ellow! Are you looking for an affordable eyeliner?
I got one right here! hehehe It is Maybelline Hypergloss Eyeliner. I got it for 35.000 rupiahs at local Matahari Department Store. I was like " Ah, affordable! Murah cekali!" I know exactly that i need to have one of this.

Sorry my desk is suppa messy >.<
Mine is in Black color, i think Maybelline Indonesia sells this only in black color. The packaging is lean and thin, and the amount is 2,5 ml. 

The brush is suppa thin. Thinner than Inez eyeliner. Perfect if you like thin line, but if you like bold line like me, it is going to take some effort and patient because the brush is wiggly.

Review Maybelline Hypergloss Eyeliner
- All in all i like the price tag. I use eyeliner almost everyday and it means, buying eyeliner is going to be often for me. Imagine if the eyeliner price is expensive? Huaaa it is going to be pain in the ass for my wallet lha. I will be crying every month 

Miss Bone Emoticons 147

- The brush is thin. This one is plus and minus lha. If you like thin line, then you will LOVE it, but if you prefer bold, then i do not think Hypergloss is for you.
- The color is jet black, and like its name, GLOSSY. It is not going to look natural but Korean make up ussually use glossy liner, so you can consider this. If you love glossy liner, but want a thicker brush, then PIXY liquid eyeliner is going to be a good choice.
- It is long lasting, around 5 hours 
- Easy to remove
- The liner is quick drying which is GREAT! My make up is neater 
- It is not smudgeproof, you can see in the test below, i rub it few times and the liner comes off
- The liner is not waterproof also. Argh! I put two drops of water, rub, and it becomes all messy 

Waterproof and Smudgeproof Test

Newly applied

Rub it few times

Put two drops of water and rub it. GONE! 

Though this is not the best eyeliner out there, i think it is a good choice for everyday make up. It is affordable, quick drying, easy to remove, and the quality is okay. I think i am going to buy more until i find a better quality eyeliner. Have you find one? If you do, please share in the comment below. 

Okay, eyeliner junkies!
Have a good day.

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  1. Sayang bgt ga waterproof, padahal harganya lumayan murce.. hihihi


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