MOnshu Girl Inspired Look

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Just a while ago Shu Uemura launched their newest make up collection with Monshu Girl as the icon.The collection is so darn cute! I am in love with their fashion false eyelashes. They are just so eyecatching with that combination of black and red!Don`t you think so?

Now meet this lovely Monshu Girl hehehe.. 
To celebrate their launching @shuuemuraID, shu uemura official twitter is making a Monshu Girl LOOK A LIKE make up competition. It ends 23 November 2012. You still got time, girls. Go join! It is so fun to try! hehehe

I join too, of course, not wanting to let go to try out new look on me + hoping to win 1.000.000 rupiahs worth of Shu Uemura Monshu Girl Product. 

Contoh yang aku tiru hehehehe

This is my version of Monshu Girl. I look weird? I knoww.. hahaha.. but i think that is the point of being Monshu Girl, weirdly pretty. 

I am sorry i forgot to take pictures of each step hehehe. I was not in the mood for it because Surabaya is tooooooo HOT! Crazy, in my mind i was just thinking like this, "Quick finish it! Before your foundation melts!" hahahaha. So I think i will describe, i hope you understand.

1. Apply a shimmery white eyeshadow all over the lids, focusing on your inner corner and tear duct.
2. Apply black eyeshadow all over the lid, skip your inner corner and apply A LOT on your outer corner. Your focus is to make the color opaque. Don`t forget to make a sharp V shape.
3. Then apply silver eyeshadow and put it in the middle of the eyelid, just above where your eyeballs ussually located. Blend everything and make sure there is no sharp edges.
4. Take out you gel eyeliner and make a curve. Blend the line with sponge tip applicator
5. Take out liquid eyeliner and make "fake" bottom eyelashes.
6. Put FOUR fake eyelashes to your eyes. Glue them together and make sure they are CETAR MENGGELEGAR! hahahaha just like Syahrini.

Product used
Sariayu Anniversary Pallete
Bobbi Brown eyeliner in Black Ink
Bobbi Brown Brushes
Maybelline Hypersharp eyeliner
Four False eyelashes

1. I just use two way foundation. This kind of foundation melts easily on me and not very long lasting. But yeah, it is enough to cover all the imperfections for those 3 hours self photo session hehehe

Product used:
Caring colors everlast in Pink Silk
Revlon New Complexion two way foundation in Tender Peach
ELF Studio Blush on in Pink Passion
NYX Single eyeshadow in Brown for contouring

Kayak ibu ibu banget yak? Plak!

Covergirl gloss balm no 220 
La tulipe lipstick from my La tulipe pallete

Hehehe i try to sideswept my bangs too, and i look like oldschool girl! I like it this way though.
And, i think this is the end of my ramblings about Monshu Girl.
Hehehe i hope you enjoy it, and if you have critics to tell me, please do tell.
I am still learning my make up and do need a lot of suggestions hehehe.

Ok, i will go now,
I love you all, chicas,
Sleep well


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  1. ini emang look yg kesannya kyk ibu2 ya han..wkwkwk
    aku juga join..cek my blog ya ^^

  2. aaaa mirip bangetttsss..
    rambutmu diapain tuh??

  3. jadi beda bgt xD mirip han.. good luck ya ^^

  4. envy your red lips...

    kapan yaa aku bsa buat serapih n seseksi itu~

  5. xtreme make over.. bagus.. beda banget before sama afternya,.. kamu cocok Han potongan rambut bob gitu.. jadi keliatan dewasa bangett.. hahaha! good luck ya Han!

  6. wah jadinya mirip banget~ good luck yaa ce hana ^^

  7. It has the same feel!! hahaha.. Yes I agree it's weird and pretty


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