The Face Shop BB Cream Power Perfection Review

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Heyyyy chicas!! I am supposed to writing a report now, but boredom has bring me back to the blog hehehe. Let`s take some time out!! And for the time out I am writing you this BB cream Power Perfection from The Face Shop. For this review, I am using samples of the BB cream. These days, I want to be sure before buying BB Cream first, before buy the full bottle. I was so sure about my Dream Girls BB Cream from Skin 79 after reading tons of good reviews about it. Yes, it is good! Very good indeed with those glowing finish and great oil control. But, the shade is not right. *slapped!*

Learning from that, I purchased some samples of BB Cream to try out. And one of the purchase was this POWER PERFECTION! I read good reviews about this and wanted to buy the fullsize as well, but decline to do so after tried out the samples. I will tell you why…

 FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37 PA++

(taken from
  • A ‘3-in-1’ BB cream (anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection) with perfect  coverage
  • Total Skin Treatment BB cream(Special ingredients for rejuvenating skin): actively addresses all skin problems such as loss of firmness, dry skin, uneven skin texture and dull complexion
  • Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting):
- Provides perfect coverage without being thick on the skin.
- Contains coated powder similar to skin cells which offers great adherence.
- It leaves skin feeling comfortable, providing delicate and long-lasting makeup results.
  • Marvelous airy-touch texture:
  •  A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe.
  • ※Clinically tested. (Clinical trials to test firmness, moisturization, coverage, and long lasting ability)

Amount: 40 ml

Price: 197000 rupiahs/ $ 19

She is so pretty, isn`t she?

My haul which include power perfection bb cream in it

Texture and consistency:
The texture is just lovely, not too watery or not too creamy. It is very easy to blend and smooth. Hmmm, just a bit thicker from my Dream girls BB Cream, I think.

Shade and Coverage
The shade is a bit grayish, which I don`t like but the coverage is good. I would say it is sheer to medium, but buildable. It covers the redness. When I use it I do not use concealer ( It is on me though, can be different for you). I just use the bb cream and loose powder. My face become smooth. I like!

Oil Control
It oxidize, which I do not like also. My face becomes orangey like I do not wear make up at the end of the day. It stays for 5 hours before oxidizing. Oil control is good also, around 4 hours.

The finishing is dewy if you just use this bb cream. But I always matte it out with loose powder.


Overall this is a good BB Cream, really. One of the best, and this is the best seller out of The Face Shop BB Creams. But then, because it oxidize and has a slight grey tone. I am hesitating to buy. Mind that the price is quite high, I would rather purchase LIOELE Triple The Solutions BB Cream. Wanna know why? I will tell you on my next post. So stay tuned!

Now Reading: A lot of Research Journal, Textbook.. and the best self building book! The WINNING ATTITIDE from John Maxwell

Listening to: Nafiri FM. This is my favorite Christian radio. It was off air for several weeks and it made me sad. But now, it has made its comeback! HUGS *listening while smiling*

Okay all, 
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  1. waaa bagus, full coveraege yaa, udah cantik makin cantik deh pake bb cream ini cee^^

  2. Aaa raisa bisa aja neeee.. hehehehe iya coverage nya bagus.. tapi kalo udah malem aku jadi item soalnya bb creamnya oxidise hehehe.. thanks for commenting raisa..

  3. Kelihatanny bagus BB creamnya >w<
    Btw salam kenal and congrats menang shuuemura contest!
    Proud of you.. Hihihi XD

  4. Wah han, aku suka banget sama bb cream ini, tapi emang sih bikin greyish gitu kalau gak di blend bener2, dan harganya juga lumayaan banget *-*

    1. greyish tu jadi keabu - abuan.. Akhirnya mukanya agak kusam gitu deh.. hehehe.. btw dit, setuju banget yak sama opinimu!

  5. Just a fewminutes ago, i saw your bbm status about your report, but now you already back with new review..he5.. the coverage seems good! You look pretty :-) too bad the price is quite expensive :-(

    1. Wakakakak yaa that is mee, can not concentrate mah.. report is so so so boring hehehe.. thanks sha, yaa, with that price it is not so worth it lha..

  6. sempet kepikiran jg buat beli ini bb cream, tp kalo greyish n oxi aduh gak jadi deh,kapok suka jd kucel klo lama2, hee

  7. Oh, I saw this bb cream at The Face Shop when I went last time~ This is their best seller, I believe. I didn't really like it though, since their lightest shade was still a bit dark on me (plus, too reddish for my undertone). D': Thank you for the review though! :'D

  8. I also have the one from Lioele which I love to use on night outs as it photographs quite nicely. Its not that ideal for daytime wear though as it doesn't have any spf and is quite thick for my liking. That's what got me interested in this bb cream and I definitely will buy it as it seems to have what I need! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! xx


  9. Thanks for the review!! I've been using TFS magic cover bb cream for three years now and i'm thinking of upgrading and use this BB cream instead. Thank you!!

    1. i have tried magic cover bb cream before and this one is totally better

  10. nice review :)
    Would you mind, to let me know what shade did you use?
    im confusing with their shades. What really match on me, idk..

    Thank you...


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