Wardah Peachy Pink Pallete Review

11:23 AM

Aight, this will be my last post before i drown myself into books and work on my internship report. Gah, you know girls, yesterday i got shocked therapy from my lecturer, stating that i got only a week to finish the whole report. Because of my very bad accident two months ago, i haven`t start a scratch of it.  OMOOOOOOOO... Now i am in the state of panic, confused and excited in the same time. Excited? Yah i do, i work better on pressure and this kind of pressure is a challenge for myself whether i can make it or not. * curcol dikit* hehehe
Hmm before that dark week started, let me enjoy talking with you about this wardah peachy pink pallete. I use this in almost all of my FOTD recently. I love it! And i will tell you why..

Product description:
This is a lip pallete contains eight colors. They are combination between Wardah`s matte and exclusive series, some is matte, and some is glossy. 

49.000 in your local cosmetic store or supermarket

Packaging wise, it is not cute but yeah, it looks okay with silver color. It looks tough and professional. When i open the pallette, Taraaaaa.. the mirror is huge, man! hehehe It is clear also. I like it! The applicator is nice also. It certainly does the job, it is not scratchy and looks pretty with a clear handle.

Color range is just great! These are the color that i would likely wear. It is ranging from nude, coral and pink. Pretty!

The pallete smells nice, like baby scent smell. Consistency is great also. Eventhough it does not stay long on my lips, 3 - 4 hours top!~ the color is quite opaque. It sinks on my lips fine line, though not exaggerate it. What else? Oya, this pallete contains Wardah`s matte and exclusive collection. I find matte colors dry out my lips upon application >.<


Sorry i am spamming you with this huge lips of mine hahahaha. Once in a while is okay, isn`t it?
Overall this is a great buy for me. For a girl like me who loves to experiment and learn make up, this pallete offers all. Pretty color, great color pay off, affordable price and nice scent. Eventhough there are minor problem like drying out my lip, i think that is acceptable. Mostly matte lipstick are like that, and we always know that we can always put on lipbalm before hand. End of the problem. I will certainly collect this pallete lha! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Now, it is time for me to bid you goodbye and telling myself "Hit the book! Hit the book!" hehehehe.

Bye chicas,

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  1. Hi, Hana
    nice review^^
    I also wardah exclusive lipstick, I have to admit that they have pretty color varians. The pallete u bought considered cheap, really affordable, think I want to try it too^^
    thank u for sharing

  2. Thanks Hana! I think this palette might be better than Nyx's. Going to TRY and BUY!!! Haha!

    Good luck with the paper ya.

    1. Makasih kak medina :) Salam kenal hehehe.. karena didukung sama kakak, papernya harus lebih cepet selesai ni! semangat2!

  3. Pengen beli jdnya han >< buat main2 ma makeup hehe
    sayang ga ada wrn merahnya :(

  4. jadi pengen coba dear...
    bagus2 variasi warnanya...


  5. yg pink cocok warnanya ma kamu ;D

    visit my blog ^^

  6. Aku nominasiin kamu di blogku http://beautifyiu.blogspot.com/2012/11/first-liebster-award.html

  7. I'm thinking of buying this pallete.... nice review


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