How i spent my Halloween, not so creepy lhaaa

12:13 AM

Hola chicas! How are you girls doing? What were you doing on Halloween girls? For me, i was not doing creepy things, but more likely to be sweet things. On 29 October, a day before Halloween i held a charity project for the orphanage called IBNU MARYAM in Surabaya.

Maybe you know already that i own foodie outlets on Surabaya malls. Our foodie outlets called SOYA, please kindly visit us if you have time hehehe. We are available at CITO Mall and Manyar for now. We are committed that we do not want to only gain profits, but as God blesses us, we want to bless others too. We want to fight hunger and support education.

I have vision that in every bussiness that God has entitled to me, all has purpose. He wants to spread His love to the unfortunate. Have you ever imagined? Life is so big and has many sides. It is not only about ourselves, but more importantly how we can have a full and meaningful life through giving to others.

On 29 Oct we visited IBNU MARYAM and specially cooked pearl soya bean milk for them! They were so happy and excited! We also fulfilled their needs of milk. Hopefully they will have better nutrition and got a lot of proteins from our soya milk so that they grow taller and smarter! hehehehe Maybe pretty as well!

Hehehe i am sorry the pictures were blurred! The kids were so excited they move a lot! Hehehe.. Thank you for all readers who had support our SOYA on facebook! Please pray together that SOYA is blessed so we can do more and more good for others! Amen

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  1. You are so kind. People said that the orphan's prayer are the best. Hope it is true :)

  2. Nice Hana.. You remind me of a very nice quote.. Blessed to be a blessing.. ^^

  3. Whooa! You're so kind! Gbu dear ~ xx

  4. love love love! you're soooo kind ce hana, hope you will be blessed more and more! XD

  5. Now that's a very productive halloween! Blessed your kind heart <3


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