Psychodance: Two Faces and many ramblings

7:59 PM

Dance is my love. Since i was kid, dance had consumed my life. Really, i just enjoy dance in any kind, say that it is traditional, hiphop, jazz, salsa or ballet. Doesn`t matter to me, as long as it is dance i`m gonna love it

But, i am forced to let go of my love. Ever since i got burned, my tummy and my legs are full of scars. The new skin are black and inelastic. I tried to dance once, and i ended up make my scars bleed. Moreover, for a dancer like me, i am no longer flexible, my legs are stiff. Say goodbye to that beautiful arabesque, assemble, and balancoire. Those moves that i used to love the most, i am no longer able to do them.

Well, that is the dark aka sad part. So sad, but I believe in staying strong in difficult situation in life. Yes, i lost my ability that i am proud of. It made me desperate, but sometimes in life, i got to just accept it. Accept things that i can not change. Be grateful that once in my life, God has ever given me the chance to be a dancer. 

Now that it is gone, i am just grateful (again) that i could help being a dance competition`s jury. Though can no longer perform, that does not mean i can do nothing for a stage art! This is my second time being a dance jury and i love it! This competition called PSYCHODANCE: TWO FACES, was held by Pelita Harapan University Surabaya, my uni. There were many teams performing with tons of energy and great skills.

It was like... EXPLOSION~~

I was really happy to see all the talented high school students! I hope they got a great time in performing something that they love.

And here are the winners

Runner Up: PETRA 5 Senior High School

Winner: Frateran Senior High School

Group Picture! Can you spot me?

And me..

I am winning over my life struggles. Sometimes a very bad and unfortunate things happen in life. It is very bad that for a while i lost my life meaning and my confidence. But i am too precious to become a bitter person. Yes, i lost my ability to dance, but i gain an ability to judge a performance. Life is two faces. Happy and Sad. When sad comes, just stand strong and choose to be happy. Lost and gain. When you lost something or someone, see that it is an opportunity to learn something new.
don`t give up.

Life has two faces and we are strong enough to face it.

Congrats for the winner and the commitee who had worked hard. I wanna let you know that you were doing a great great job putting up a dance competition and helping me find a new meaning.

Cheers all,

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