Dermal Vegetable Placenta Review

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Quite handful name, huh? I think so too.  DERMAL is a mask sheet manufactured in South Korea and vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence is made for firming, regerating, and moisturizing our skin.

Key Features :

-          Turnera Diffusa leaf extract
-          Hydrolized Collagen
-          Aloe extract
-          Portulaca Olecarea Extract
-          Vitamin E


I really do notice that this yellow dermal mask has made an effect immediately after use. My face brightened, moisturized, and happy. Before using it,  I put the mask in the freezer and then put in my face. Oh, HEAVEN! I love that instant chilling effect when I put it in my face. The sheet was smooth and felt nice on my skin.Oh my,  the tiredness from the day was gone in a flash.
Packed in 23 grams plastic pack really make the mask hygienic. Travel friendly also. The plastic packaging is thick, i need a scissors to open. 23 grams means a lot for a mask. Like this mask, it has a lot of essence inside, quite abundant so that I can put the leftover for my whole leg and elbows hehehe.
It smells good, a faint floral smell. The kind of floral smell that can put you to sleep. Relaxing smell. Hmm, What I like the most about the mask is the eye cover. My eyes deserve a nutrition too for doing a good job everyday ^^.

Price: 12000 to 15000 rupiahs in local online store ( price may vary) I got mine from winning a giveaway from Priscilla Clara and Shabang shabang


-          Brightens immediately
-          Has eye cover, I love it!
-          Great amount of essence
-          Sweet florally scent
-          Smooth and thick mask sheet


-          Has methylparaben >.<


I do love this mask. A very nice escape from a hectic life schedule. I personally think that the mask works great, and I do recommend the mask and will repurchase it also

Final Verdict

Shabang Shabang

P.S: This time i also join a giveaway from YESSY Suwandi

Do you see the prizes? An eyeshadow pallete and eyeliner gel that are perfect for smokey look and cat eyes! Totally my favorite! I hope i can win this giveaway. Yessy has a cute blog, and because she is such an expert for design, the pictures and her blog design are very nice. Not too mention that her writing is informative and easy reading too :).. Hmmm, it is worth to follow, ladies! If i have to give advice to her, then i just hope she post more. Maybe because she is busy, this november i only able to read two posts >.< Please write more, i`ll be waiting.

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  1. MAtanya juga di masker??ga pedih gitu??

    1. Iya di masker, tapi enak, gak pedih di mata kok, bel hehehe

  2. first time hearing about it~
    maybe will buy one day^^

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  4. Dear Hanna,
    nice post.. I am a newbie, pls check out my blog
    I already followed you dear. ;)

    God Bless

  5. Lol why is your bangs under the mask?


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