Kose Nature n Co Pure White Lotion Light : First Impression

2:12 PM

Having supple and bright skin is my dream, and maybe your dream too. Last month I got a hamper from a beauty event and I got to try a skincare from Kose. So lucky! I got to try Nature and co line.

Key features:

  - Organic Rosemary Extract
- Organic marigold extract
- Olive Oil
- Black Elder extract
- Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Oil
- Cucumber extract 

I received milky lotion and light lotion, both three ml. I thought I was going to run out fast, but actually not, I was able to try this for a good nine days and here is my first impression:

Light lotion:
It is colorless, clear, just like water. But also scented, when p I pat it on my skin, it feels cool and get absorb easily

Milky lotion:
White color like milk and nicely scented and absorbed quickly on my skin

So what if these two combined?

Great! I love it! My face become flawless and suppler. I like touching my skin because it feels very nice.. Omooo just too bad that they are very very expensive.. But it worth the money! Saving starts... Now! Hehehe

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  1. Waktu ada beauty event di Jogja embak2 BAnya gag punya sampell... Tapi aku akhirnya beli yg milky lotio, enak adem di kulit waktu dicoba.

  2. Sharing aja... Bila mencari produk Kose Nature & Co atau beauty prod Jpn lainnya bisa melalui ol shop ini. Ramah & cepat pelyanan nya.


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