Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream Review

12:38 PM

If i should vote on BB cream that feels so light, i will vote for Dream Girls BB Cream. This by far is the lightest, lotion like consistency that is easy to blend. So, if you are in search of lightweight BB cream, please read more. 

This BB Cream is made for junior. I heard in Korea, school girls are not allowed to wear heavy make up, this BB cream is made especially for them.

Key Features:

- Not oily
- DOUBLE ultra violets blocking effect

* Packaging: It comes with a purple tube like this, with a squishy end to go with. I love the packaging, it is practical. By far, i can always handle how much bb cream that i want to go with.


It definitely has grey tones, maybe due to the SPF. When blends out, you can see that the texture is watery and very easy to blend. The coverage is very minimal, of course. It evens out my skintone, but covers nothing. It gives my skin extra dewy look and  extra glow. I like it. The oil control is superb too, 7 to 8 hours without blotting my face feels great! The only downside about this BB Cream is only the shade, it does not match my skintone and always looks to dark on me. If only this were lighter, it will be my favorite BB Cream ever. It also oxidize a lot.


This is a superb BB cream for everyday. Great oil control, light feel and also has enough SPF and PA to protect from the sun. If you love these features then maybe this BB Cream is for you. Oya, this bb cream will suit darker skin tones better, fairer skin should not use this bb cream because it is going to make you look darker. 

Overall 4/5
Repurchase? Yes if they have lighter color choice

Good news, if you are curious about this BB Cream, you can get the sample in jar for free by signing up for Berbagi Make Up giveaway. Wish you luck

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  1. Loh? Aku baru tau kalau BB Cream itu beblesh balm kepanjangannya. aku kira blemish balm. hehehe.


    1. hehehe ada yang bilang beblesh anda yang blemish.. hehehe

  2. might try this product :D jarang2 ada bb cream lightweight + great oil control :P loll

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. harga dan dapetin dimana nih non ^^?? #mupeng ma oil controlnya

    by Author of DELLilah's Blog

    1. Harganya kalo ga salah di chic.princessa

  5. thx for the review~ wont buy it since im fair.

    1. Yaa. you have very fair skin.. i am jelly hehehehe


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