Water Fairy Make Up Tutorial

4:15 PM

 Hola chicas! After that creepy Leaves Fairy Make up, it is now time for me to come back to my real style, CUTENESS #plak! hahahaha. I created this very simple Water fairy make up. Curious how to do this? I hope you do!

And this is how i look with this water fairy make up. The main focus is the drizzled glitter under eye and a fair skin, as clear as water.

I use coastal scents 88 Pallete for the eye make up. I love love love this pallete for a great color range, just right to play around with make up! 

1. Use this pale blue eyeshadow in the whole eyelids
2. Make a cat eye eyeliner, and blend deeper blue color eyeshadow in outer corner
3. Use the same deeper blue on under eye, and then blend with pale blue color.
After this step is done, mix this lovely glitter cream from NYX Glitter glitterati pallete.
Number 1 and three for under eye, and four and two for the area near your cheek.
4. Apply mascara, then falsies and you are done. Easy peasy dear!

Coastal scents 88 pallete
Aubeau Make up base
Nyx Glitterati Glitter Pallete
Inez eyeliner
Max Factor False Fusion Mascara

Revlon New Complexion Foundation
Revlon New Complexion two way foundation in tender peach
NYX All i`ve ever wanted pallete

ZA Plumper lipstick in 06

Water is very precious for every living thing. Save the water, save the earth!

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  1. Cantik hannn >.<
    Superb love the cateye!!!

  2. Kerennnn!!! By the way Han, itu kamu potong rambut atau rambutnya kamu kuncir? lol

    1. kuncir nyaaaa~ wwkwkwk... *kok aku yang jawab?*

    2. iya nya dikuncir hahaha..mana berani aku nya dipotong pendek gitu wakakakaka...kangen sonya sama sabrina huhuhuhuhu!

  3. Love ur eye make up, hana^^
    Well done!



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