Chocolatebox REBORN!

12:04 AM

Hi dear readers, :) Hereby i announce that my beloved chocolatebox blog has reborn! You had probably noticed that i had changed the background headers and also my blog title.  Now welcome to my FABBULOUS blog :). What do you think of my new blog? It is still in undergoing transformation, so you might see changes every now and then.

Readers, I change it for good tho. Today i realized that i wanna make a beauty blog that truly inspiring. A blog that is refreshing and able to drive people to be better

Beauty is not mere make up and skin, but also faith, attitude, and brain. Agree? There are so many girls out there turn to be shallow and superficial because they are focus on what eyes could see. At the ends, they forget what it means to become beautiful, even when they put on cute clothes and dazzling make up. They are pretty yet they are so empty inside. I hope we don`t turn to be one of them. I hope that we all be wise women.

So, let`s learn together to be pretty inside out. Don`t worry i will still post make up reviews and tutorials since i like it anyway hehehe. But i will also post articles that cherish our inner beauty too. Happy reading. I love you! Hana 

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