REVIEW: SILKYGIRL eye opener mascara

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I was born with small monolid eyes. My friends used to joke that if I smile/laugh, it looked like I close my eyes. When I laugh, they said  they would hide so by the time I opened my eyes, my jaw would dropped because my friends are suddenly gone like a magic. Hohoho. That is how small my eyes are. When I saw this product, I was quite excited since it said “ EYE OPENER” wooo, it seemed that I kinda need this. This mascara looks like this :

Why I like it:
-Actually, this mascara really does open my eyes. I feel like my eyes got bigger because it lengthen, curls and define my lashes very well
after pic

before pic

-It is very very affordable, only about 27000 rupiahs, or around $3 ( price may vary)
- Great for daily use
- The brush is thin and able to reach out inner and outer lashes very well
- Available locally
- Holds lashes very well J
- It feels very light
- Easy to clean. I just have to wash my face with facial foam, and it comes off nicely.

Why I don’t like it
- The packaging is so – so. Simple. But I think I kinda like the way they choose the color, black and pink. Somehow it looks pretty and nice
- Eventhough it says waterproof, it is actually not. There was a time when I used this, I cried. The mascara fell off and made my eyes black like a panda >.< I was so embarassed. So, just use this for go to school, or daily activities where you are less likely to cry.
- The brush looks so “cheap”. It is thin and bend-able.

This product is worth trying. The price is affordable with a good quality. As I say, I think this is great for daily use, where you need affordable mascara so you can apply it as much as you want. Not to mention that it is easy to clean. I would recommend this for you who have normal eyelid. If your eyelid is oily, this mascara would smudge out easily.
Rating 4/5
Rephurchase: YES

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  1. I just try it last night I love it cause the brush so thin and it can reach my lower lash line..

    By the way I'm from malaysia!

  2. Ah, glad i have a malaysian friend! nice to know you beaty :)


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