Face Tutorial: How to Conceal Imperfections

12:53 AM

 Hi girlie girl, this month i come back with a basic tutorial about how to use concealer.
I think concealing is the most basic and the most important to achieve a flawless face.
So, if you want to know how i do it, then scroll down below :)

The picture above are so called the transformation, 
Left is my bare face, fugly, looks tired and big >.< Yeah i know hehehe
and right is my face after concealing and applying blush on. 

In this tutorial, my goal is to reduce the dark under eye circle and also diminish redness

I have slight eyebags especially when i smile and i also have dark under eye circle.
Blame it to my habit of sleeping late >.< Don`t do it , okay? 
I also have a lot of redness on my face, especially around the nose.
Today i am planning to make them less obvious with concealer.

And for this tutorial, i am using
Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit for under eye area
Maybelline Clear Smooth Concealer in Sand Beige for diminish redness
and before applying them on, i am using eyecream from Biokos 
I also use translucent powder to set the concealer but i forgot to take picture >.<

For tools, i am using dome brush for applying setting powder
and also concealer brush that made of synthetic hair.
If you don`t have particular brushes, you can even use your fingers
Just make sure that they are clean, okay :)

Now, let`s start with the eyes first...

Using peachy beige colored concealer, apply it under the eye where it appears to be dark.
And then tap tap.. blend it gently with concealer brush.

Now using light beige color, we highlight the eye bag line also outer corner of the eye.
This will give the eye an instant lift, especially for asian that has monolid eyes like me.
We could use brighter eyes, couldn`t we? hehehe

Repeat the same process. Tap tap and blend gently.
The dark under eye should be less obvious by now. If it does not, you can apply more.
Bit by bit, otherwise it would look cakey.

And, using the same light beige color, i ussually highlight my nose bridge and forehead 

And then, using the dome brush i apply translucent powder
and set the concealer on my eyes

Now the eyes are done.
Do you notice that the dark circle is less obvious?

Now move to the face, using Maybelline concealer,
I just dab it to the area with redness
 i also conceal my smile line and area around my lips.
I ussually use two different concealer, one that blends well with my skintone
In this case Maybelline
And also the one that two tones higher then my skintone
I use Etude to highlight certain areas.
The thing is that if i use the same concealer,
 i would end up highlighting areas that i want to hide.

After applying concealer, dab with your clean fingers or dab with brush
and pretty much you are done concealing.

Say hi now to a flawless - fresh face

I hope this tutorial helpful for you!
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Have a nice day,

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  1. You're so pretty! And great tutorial, thaaanks :)

  2. bagus han..hihiihi
    mata kamu kecil banget yaa,..gemesss..hihi

  3. nice tutorial :)

    visit my blog ^^

  4. weee.. u look so fresh on the after pic. egg skin banget kulitnya ^^ kenceng

  5. great tutorial!
    youre really cute :D




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