Jordana Blush on in Touch of Pink Review

8:05 PM

I can not get enough with blush. Seriously! 
No matter how i much i own, when i see a cute blush available i want it..
That is the art of a blusher junkie, though i have only a pair of cheek,
Having them appear in different colors everyday is a bliss hehehe

So, anyhow, this is one of my blush on splurge!
Jordana Blush on in Touch of Pink

Price: 39.000 rupiah in Pauline Boutique or around $2 online
Amount : 2,2 grams

This baby is rated 4,7/ 5 at Makeup Alley, which i think a very impressive rating leh.
Why so? Well, as a drugstore product i think it is pretty impressive.
Just scroll down below if you are curious tee hee~

I would describe the shade as straight pink with a hint of peach. 
The color reminds me of Revlon Glamorous Blush in Tawny Peach.
Hmm, not my favorite color, i prefer pink blush than peach. 
It is matte, no shimmer, and just perfect for natural everyday make up.

Screw Cap? Oh pleaseeee...

The packaging is pretty chic with a border of silver line and silver font. But it comes with a screw cap, Oh no! It is just incovenient to swirl and then swirl back everytime i want to use it. I do think flip cap will serve the purpose better

Screw Cap

Smooth but tough to blend ^.^

The color is flattering for fair to medium skintone, but if you have darker skintone the blush might not show up for you. In terms of application, i find it very smooth, not powdery and not that chalky. Buidable but i need to work my tail off to blend the blush. My favorite way to apply this blush on is with a flat top brush concentrating on the apple of the cheek. I find it easier to apply the blush this way.

Stay true and pigmented

The color stay true for hours, five hours lha before it starts to fade. I think it is a good record for a drugstore product. You just need one swipe and my cheeks are already colored. What should i say, pigmented!



I would say this is a great buy. The quality is good and affordable. The only downside i can think of is the swirl cap. If you love matte blush then i think this will suit your need, when you want to have a little sheen, you can also mix the blush with shimmering powder.

Rating 4/5


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  1. very detail review, Hana :D
    males jg ya klo tiap mau pake mesti diputer2 dulu br kebukaa --"
    tp aku suka peach blush :D

  2. thx for the comment! PS : U can follow my blog in the side bar.
    Cklick the " Feliratkozás webhelyre" button. :)I follow U , too !

  3. warnanya klihatan kyk cheeky glow maybelline yak? Brand jrg dnger =p

  4. You are so pretty little missy!
    keep shinning ^^

    Walo aku jarang komen, aku tetep mampir loh ke blog mu ini :)


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