Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit in W13 Review

12:17 AM

Hi hi! How are you today, friends? I miss you and this blog very much. You might not know i haven't actually open this blog, and what you have been reading are scheduled posts. Aa, life has been so busy,isn't it? Especially those for you who live in Jakarta, i hope the flood will be able to solved and i pray so that you will be able to find meaning behind the calamity.

But anyway, i am back now to review another favorite bb cream, Etude house precious mineral bb bright fit! This BB Cream i bought last month and this is my thought about it.


There are four shades, light beige, natural beige, sand beige and honey beige.
I got mine in Natural Beige


Blended, Well blend, huh?

Key features
- SPF 30
- Contains Adenosine and Arbutine for anti wrinkle and whitening
- Infused with pearl for silky finish

Amount: 60 grams

Price : 125000 rupiahs or around $12 in online shop and 300.000 in your local Etude House

Now, let's scrutinize this baby,shall we?


It comes with peachy colored paper box. It is so cute with many emboss and details. My favorite detail would be the bb cream emboss in the box, i think it looks princessey.

Bb cream bright fit has a pump which i like because it is very higienic and somehow it dispense just enough amount to cover my face and neck.

Coverage, concistency,finish and oil control

I would say it is medium coverage with a dewy finish. Easy to blend and light in concistency.
It is able to even out redness and tone the skin. But if you have big pimples and dark undereye, you are going to absolutely need concealer. The concistency is light in my opinion, does not feel heavy on my face, blends perfectly without shrinking on fine lines. Oil control is quite good, like 3-4 hours before i need to blot.

Top - before, Bottom - After
FOTD, no editing whatsover :)
Other features

I like how this bb cream is somehow waterproof and sweatproof. It won't melt on hot sunny days,and even when i sweat the bb stays. So, when you use this bb cream, you will need cleansing oil, or if you dont have one, just use  cleansing milk. I think they work better than water and cleansing foam to remove bb cream.


I would say that 125000 for 60 gram of products is not bad at all. Quite reasonable. Also, Etude house is craftily sell this baby with a nice packaging. I personally think it is worth buying because the bb cream also good in quality and it does not break me out.

I would recommend this for you who are looking for bb cream to go everyday. This would be one of the best choice.

Rating 4/5

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  1. Replies
    1. Lumayan :) Masih bagusan yang bb dation, sab :)

  2. wow, its looks really good on your face.

  3. wahhh sweatproof yaa? ga nyangka aku.. dulu aku prnh cb precious mineral versi sblmnya tp ga suka warnanya, kyny aku pilihnya yg kegelapan._.

    1. iya aku pernah coba yang versi sebelumnya juga.. nda suka >.< pektay.. ini lebih blendable

  4. Wooow! It really look amazing on your skin!!o___o
    Thank you so much for the review btw!~
    I think I have to give this BB Cream a try!x3 eheh ^^;
    Hope you have a pretty day/night Hana!(^ω^)

  5. sis klo bole tau bb creamnya beli di olshop mana? :D

  6. hi beli di bell`s etude house :) di facebook

  7. Kalo compare sm BBDation, sis lebih suka yg mana? ^^

  8. lebih suka bb dation karena glowynya lebih halus dan jauh lebih tahan lama daripada bright fit


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